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In 2014, Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine. People complained, but no one did anything about it. So Crimea is now part of Russia for all intents and purposes.

Since then, Apple tried to sit on the fence and showed Crimea as neither Ukraine nor Russia but rather some unincorporated non-country wilderness. Russia complained, so Apple now shows it as part of Russia if you view the map from Russia. Now Ukraine is complaining.

I think it's part of Russia now so it should be shown as such. How it became part of Russia is really beside the point, most borders exist because of a land-grab at some point or another. If Ukraine ever takes it back then show that too. But mapping companies should tell it like it is, not how it should be.

Apple might as well make Northern Ireland disappear when viewed from the Republic, but that's older so it's less trendy. There's any number of disputed territories out there, you can't please everyone.

Not just about Crimea, any example will do. Perhaps a non-issue in the context of this forum, but it got an opinion out of me.
Most governments do not recognize Crimea as part of Russia (113 UN members and 2 non-UN members) including the most powerful countries and economies in the world (China, US, Germany to name a few).

Ukraine and Russia are still at war. So your characterization that "no one did anything about it" is incorrect.

Most disputed territories are not actively the subject of an ongoing war between nations.

Apple is an American company that does significant business in China and Western Europe. I would think it in Apple's interest to toe the line set by those governments in this case, meaning showing Crimea as part of Ukraine.
The idea that it wouldn't be in Apple's interest to acknowledge de facto borders annoys me. Changing borders based on complaints from those involved in the dispute seems like a lose/lose situation. They messed up when they decided to try and make some grey area.
From BBC:
The BBC does not show Crimea as part of Russia on its maps, but shows a dotted line to mark disputed territory.

On a side note, I think it's funny the BBC decided to say this to avoid controversy
Google maps just uses different maps depending on your server location. You can't draw a map without pissing someone off. Taiwan anyone? Lol.
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