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Where do you fall on the spectrum and why?

I feel very torn on this one and I know it becomes more nuanced depending on the specific policy and place but in that case, what situations require more open or closed policies?
I prefer closed policies. Major export industries are grossly subsidised in my country and the profits from environmental degradation are not spread to the general population. Also, cheap foreign labour is often a solution to workers asking for better treatment. Migration is not a problem, using it to batter working people into submission and enriching the few through subsidised exports and foreign investment is.
Wasn't familiar with this axis until two minutes ago. In terms of free trade and immigration, I am generally a strong supporter of both. Like Gray, I think it's appropriate to restrict trade on the bases of environmentalism and workers' rights. Without a level playing field on these points, you don't really have a free market, and we just end up rewarding bad behavior on the part of unregulated companies (or bad behavior of the foreign regulators, however you wanna look at it).

I think immigration should be as open as possible while also ensuring that national security is not compromised and welfare systems are not overstressed. The first can be achieved through proper vetting, and the second can be achieved by, e.g., roughly maintaining a balance of rich and poor migrants.
I think it's a very useful axis, because I find it very confusing that for most of my life, being anti-globalism made you left-wing, but now it makes you right-wing.
I'm finding that many smaller issues are best handled at a local level while larger issues that effect all of humanity would ideally be under an established global government. I like the idea of having sovereignty and independence on a small level while at the same time adhering to some global policies that keep the peace and global economy running smoothly.
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