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Unpopular opinion: I think pepperoni and pineapple pizza tastes amazing.
Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar is a perfectly fine establishment to eat at.
The perfect cup of coffee is made by boiling coffee grounds and black pepper.
Eyeballs. (love you too zia)
Acorns taste good.
Amnesia: The Dark Descent was a great game.
The phantom menace wasn’t a bad movie.
Having nothing but virtual social interaction is unhealthy. (Maybe this is unpopular? Fuck pandemics.)
As long as you aren’t making meth or bombs, do as many at-home chemistry projects as you can.
You SHOULD play with fire.
You SHOULD play responsibly with explosive materials.
Little-endian date formats (dd/mm/yyyy) are not superior to middle-endian (mm/dd/yyyy). If you're consistent and people understand you, it doesn't matter which ordering you use.

It is incorrect to refer to the time after waking as "today" if it's after midnight. The switchover between days happens during sleep or closing hours, not at midnight. To that end, 48h clocks are preferable to both 12 and 24h clocks, except in software.

Top-down spelling reforms are bad, but bottom-up spelling reforms are good. Correcting someone's spelling when they're not creating ambiguity is counterproductive.

If everyone acts in their own best interest, everyone ends up worse-off than if everyone acts in the best interest of those around them.
Tomatoes. Ruin. Burgers.
Dark Souls 2 SoTFS is a fantastic game.
Kebab said:
Tomatoes. Ruin. Burgers.
THIS. Why would you want tomato juice all over the rest of the goodness?
(Or, in my case, the patty and bun.)

Pizza crusts are just as good if not better than the pizza itself. Seriously, I’m sad pizza breadsticks aren’t a thing. That would be wonderful.
And yes, I know calzones exist. Not the easiest to eat, though.
unpopular opinion: I don't buy breadsticks. I just eat dominoes' crust.
Venus is a better colonization target than Mars.
How does that work with its atmosphere?
Balloons. A floating colony in the upper atmosphere would have decent pressure and temperature plus good radiation shielding. On Mars you have radiation exposure, near vacuum and low temperatures to deal with.
Most pizza places have the option to add a seasoning blend and butter to the crust of your pizza and usually for free. Breadsticks are just pizza crust, no toppings or sauce, add butter and a seasoning blend after it’s cooked.

Unpopular opinion
Ketchup on a hamburger is nasty
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