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So I recently I had to have a conversation that no one should have to have with my 11 year old niece about human trafficking and how unsafe social media can be. We sat down together and researched the subject. during that time I came across the Wayfair reddit conspiracy. I was curious on your take and wanted thoughts and opinions.
Its QAnon/Pizzagate batshit. The entire premise is basically: sometimes, things have high prices ∴ child trafficking, and only the dumbest of fucking morons would accept that ludicrous leap in logic.

Now that people have their next big incredibly stupidass theory, though, they're going to keep backfilling justifications for their utterly insane beliefs until one of these dumb fucks shoots up a bunch of innocent people.
What about this? Yes, no? Bullshit?

I also saw where they were able to find missing children post matching the unique names of children that were posted on the websites too.

I mean places like this are just platforms for sellers and buyer. They can’t fully know what people are selling and no regular person is going to buy a 12000 pillow. Like, it is possible.
Definitely fake lol, you can save whatever info you want to prefill the fields to score internet points with conspiracy people

Are they matching full names to people? Because all I've seen are people matching first names to the massive list of people that have ever gone missing, which like... yeah, if you have a big enough list you can pretty much match whatever names you want.

Some of the "matches" have been people who are obviously not being sold—people who's bodies were found long ago, or who have confirmed that they are free and healthy and have nothing to do with this supposed conspiracy.

Like, it is possible.
A lot of things are "possible". Doesn't mean you should believe them with no evidence beyond "hey, it could happen". Again, the "evidence" here isn't any good investigation or reporting or anything... the initial discovery is "some things have high prices and I don't know why" and there's no justification for the leap from that to child trafficking. Any evidence added after that initial post should be looked at extremely critically, because once a thing like this takes off there are tons of bad actors willing to fabricate shit and idiots who will find "patterns" in data pools large enough to pull any narrative you want out.
Some of these names are NOT common names.
Why would the secret cabal of rich pedophiles (which I'm not denying could be a thing) use a popular front-facing consumer website for human trafficking? Surely they have better, less obvious forms of communication.
because they think they can get away with it. Because anytime someone comes forward and say "Hey this is happening, it is real" they are ridiculed and treated like they are insane or stupid or attention seeking.
No, reasonable accusations often get reasonable reception. Most people accept that epstein is a child trafficker and that many members of the rich and powerful are complicit.
If you treat conspiracy nuts throwing spaghetti at a wall as reasonable, good faith investigations, you deserve to be laughed out of existence.
Do you think it’s reasonable to adopt a child and then marry them?
It seems to me it started as a joke where someone complained about their high prices.

Yes it does seem bizarre that not only have they given their cabinets female names, they've given them names like Samiyah, Neriah, Yaritza and Alyvia. Where are they getting these names from, it's a US company. But maybe there's hundreds of cabinets with common names that didn't make it into the theory.

I just think if you're that rich and powerful, you'll have ways of doing this without a public website. And you can't ship a person in a cabinet without detection; this company isn't going to be controlling the whole distribution chain.

And even if it made it through, all it would take is one ordinary person innocently buying a cabinet and finding a girl inside for it to be sprung. Unless I suppose they have a list of customers they know want girls, and everyone else they just send empty cabinets. But if they have a list of customers they know want girls, then why bother with the website.

And surely a girl costs more than $12, 899.99, which is what Samiyah costs, reduced from $14,924.00. If your customers are rich elites, why would you need to reduce the price? Why is Alyvia reduced to $12, 699.99, is Alyvia slightly less attractive than Samiyah?
Just think how nice it'd be if people who voiced their concern for this wayfair conspiracy actually donated or volunteered at relevant (child abuse) charities.