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Not exactly a touchy subject, but can be. Talk about some mistakes you recently made, no matter how big or small. Kinda like a TIFU thing.

Today I screwed over my twitter account by inputting my birthday. (I created it when I was 12)
The other day I tried to make breaded fried chicken (pakoras) without letting the oil heat enough. The batter didn't cook a crust fast enough so almost all the pieces stuck to the pot and fell apart when I had to spatula them loose.
I am literally in high school and somehow managed to mess up making instant mac and cheese.
I've made the mistake by trying to be with my crush for waaaaay too many times. I couldn't see through her BS and that she kept me to improve her ego because someone wants to be with her. I've wasted 5 years for this person that didn't give me anything in return. I could have found someone much better than her just like now. It feels so good now, but that's a mistake I will never forgive myself for.
i dropped my school provided chomebook and it randomly shuts down now XD
Lmao happend to me like a 4 months ago, should be a way to contact tech support
But I’ll prob get into trouble for breaking it. I’ll just turn it in at the end of the year and be like, nah nothing is weong
is it healthy for my mindset to post in this thread?
accidentally swearing in a public place
accidentally swearing within earshot of parents
accidentally swearing in a public place

kadaevr said:
accidentally swearing within earshot of parents

Guilty of both, simultaneously
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