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Not exactly a touchy subject, but can be. Talk about some mistakes you recently made, no matter how big or small. Kinda like a TIFU thing.

Today I screwed over my twitter account by inputting my birthday. (I created it when I was 12)
The other day I tried to make breaded fried chicken (pakoras) without letting the oil heat enough. The batter didn't cook a crust fast enough so almost all the pieces stuck to the pot and fell apart when I had to spatula them loose.
I am literally in high school and somehow managed to mess up making instant mac and cheese.
I've made the mistake by trying to be with my crush for waaaaay too many times. I couldn't see through her BS and that she kept me to improve her ego because someone wants to be with her. I've wasted 5 years for this person that didn't give me anything in return. I could have found someone much better than her just like now. It feels so good now, but that's a mistake I will never forgive myself for.
i dropped my school provided chomebook and it randomly shuts down now XD
Lmao happend to me like a 4 months ago, should be a way to contact tech support
But I’ll prob get into trouble for breaking it. I’ll just turn it in at the end of the year and be like, nah nothing is weong
is it healthy for my mindset to post in this thread?
accidentally swearing in a public place
accidentally swearing within earshot of parents
accidentally swearing in a public place

kadaevr said:
accidentally swearing within earshot of parents

Guilty of both, simultaneously
looked in the touchy subjects category for something something transphobia

couldn't find it so we're going with this one instead

in a discord server

two guys were flirting with each other

pretended to flirt with the one guy as well because i thought it was all in good fun and we were all joking around or whatever

a while later, come to discover one of the guys was a trans woman, was confused about this because her voice sounded masculine from the discord calls i was in

don't ask me how i never caught wind of her pronouns being used before this point

turns out those two guys were actually dating and i randomly started flirting with someone in a relationship already like a fucking creep

now i feel like an asshole because there are two outcomes:

a) i'm subconsciously transphobic and tried to reason to myself that i'm straight and wouldn't actually be into men and trans women to excuse my flirting with someone in a relationship

b) i genuinely felt bad about flirting and making her uncomfortable, and i was homophobic for assuming that two guys wouldn't have been in a relationship

look whatever the outcome is i can't think of a situation that makes me look good


nevermind i'm still just trying to sort out that whole mess in my head and all this happened months ago, and i've already long since left that discord server
People casually flirt all of the time with no intention of doing anything. As long as you weren't getting pushy or explicit there's really no harm in flirting with anybody (you know, anywhere in your age range) unless they start displaying discomfort. Or if they tell you to stop. Then the solution there is to stop, not to feel like crap and never flirt with anyone ever again.

As for the misgendering thing, I would say that it's not your fault. You weren't being malicious, you just didn't know. As long as you apologized and tried to use the right pronouns in the future I'm sure they'd forgive and forget. Trans people have enough of a time dealing with the actual hateful dicks, and it wasn't like you were being an ignorant butthole and pretending that trans people don't exist or trying to gatekeep them. You just made a mistake. People make mistakes.
I flirt with almost everyone all the time. I think you're ok.
you know that your initials spell out stud, right?





edit: your postcount is my [word i can't think of partly attributed to how late it is and therefore i'm tired and my brain capacity is reduced]

either way the joke is my username ends in 237
Lies, your username ends in y.
coldfrost vented trust

killed i saw

vote them then me
My take from this is that everything re: discord person’s gender is just something you didn’t know and shouldn’t really have been expected to know and shouldn’t be something you feel like you ought to have known because what are you going to do? Listen to a group call or religiously read a group chat so you can find out everything about everyone in it? That’s just absurd.

On what you called b) no, it doesn’t make you homophobic because it’s way more likely for two guys to not be in a relationship and it’s normal and typically OK to assume the most likely outcome.

On a) sounds like what happened was you’re just, no offense, bad at / new to flirting in general, you did it to someone you wouldn’t normally want to do it to, you felt uncomfortable and embarrassed, and now are putting too much thought into the person’s gender because learning their gender was the most unexpected outcome of the whole thing.

My main advice to you is to just chiiiiilllll, man, and also try to get better at reading the room. Like next time maybe take sometime to sit back and listen and observe tones of voice and specifics that they say before jumping in and also to not forget it’s okay to ask very blunt, straightforward questions.
on an alt account because this story is just too fucking embarrassing

saw a guy watching an anime i also knew about and instead of saying "hey i know that anime" or something along those lines i stood to the side of her and watched from her screen like a motherfucking creep until she noticed me and i looked away

that's not even the worst thing that happened today
Rough one there
ur right
through a combination of procrastination and well, procrastination

i have managed to not get a single night of sleep worth longer than 4 hours this entire week

this is very frustrating to me
called a girl in elementary school stupid to hide the fact that i had pissed my pants
I'd have punched her if it helped.
i accidentally doodled a pedophilic balloon during world history class today

edit: then i had to hide it immediately because i wouldve gotten in trouble if anyone saw it

what the fuck is wrong with me 😭😭😭
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