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p0tat0 and their tear glands

Do not worry. p0tat0 has finally taken the time to sleep. It forgives you all and it'll come back when it's ready.

Unlike p0tat0, who is easy to forgive and doesn't hold grudges, I myself have trust issues and holds grudges. I don't feel hatred toward anyone on this site, but there are some people I just can't stand (in real life). I won't go into detail, but I think a major mistake I'm continuously making in real life is not trusting anyone.
Willingly joined a group of (supposedly) kids who wanted me to make websites for them because they have no knowledge of how to do so whatsoever. Tried teaching one of them frontend and backend development, they started panicking and threatening me. The other... well, they use Bubble to make websites, and even they get confused about that. No idea how they're gonna accept a fat "no" when they ask me to make yet another YouTube clone that lasts a day before dying.
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