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How do people here feel about rescheduling cannabis from 1 to 2? It’s being considered currently.
I don't know what that means. But I support legalisation. It's unhealthy, but so are lots of legal things.
What it would mean is allowing for the same drugs that are in weed to finally be allowed in medical preparations like think inhalers so people won’t have to inhale the smoke of a plant or inhale vaporized propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin that also contains THC or whatever cannabinoids (the bullshit in “vape juice). It would mean opening up the option to remove the plant itself entirely when prescribing it for medical reasons. It would also mean allowing the use of new synthetic drugs that are just close enough to the drugs in cannabis, which currently would most likely be illegal in the US because of the Federal Analogue Act. That one means any drug that’s close enough to a schedule 1 drug (flat out illegal in all circumstances) is also illegal — it’s so that people can’t make a new drug that’s basically the same as heroin but different in only a few ways and sell it on the street and not be breaking the law.
How does the scheduling and federal analogue act not prevent derivative opioids from being made? Genuine question because some prescription opioids are basically heroin in all but name.
It’s more aimed at newly invented drugs that are kind of like copy cats of drugs that people intend to sell illegally. For a while there were people making new classes of drugs that were very similar to MDMA (this is what most of the ‘bath salts’ were) and the same problem happened when K2/spice was going around with synthetic cannabinoids that people were making with the intention of high potency. At first individual substances and classes of chemicals were being banned, eventually the federal analogue act stated that if it shares even the same pharmacological activity then it would be illegal outright. And it at least worked there, gas stations, head shops, online stores eventually got the message that the legal drugs they were selling weren’t legal anymore.

But heroin is different because before the analogue act, there were already numerous opioids with accepted medical use. That’s the difference between a schedule 1 and 2 is that 2 are considered to have accepted medical use despite being highly abusable. Other opioids are less potent and last longer than heroin, and, in general, the shorter a euphoria inducing drug lasts, the more addictive it is.

The federal analogue act isn’t always applied so strictly. It’s why after it was passed the OTC medication loperamide (Imodium) for diarrhea is still legal despite being a very very weak opioid.

It is in my opinion a very loosely interpreted law. One day I want to sit down and read it entirely but it’s so long.
Sounds like a reasonable step to take. But what about muh War on Drugs?
Not sure what you mean.

For context, a friend showed me this video that sent me off on an hour long spree of ranting to several people that was by a pothead from Vice disagreeing with this. People who use the telegram chat were subject to it.

If anyone watches this and hears him talking about “diarrhea meds” being scheduled drugs; he’s talking about a drug called diphenoxylate - a very potent opioid.
Far be it from stoners to misunderstand the law and science.
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