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This is a GENERAL question I ask every day, why is there SO MUCH hate in the world? Like, if everyone in the world got along and the entirety of the human race worked together, we would have been on planets PAST mars by now, but instead we cant think about anything other than power, but I don't think power seeking is in our genetics, its a pattern in our history. If we can stop that pattern, that's the first step to ending most wars, dictatorships, corrupt leaders, then we can go from there. Other than that, the hate within the LGBTQ community, yes, the majority comes from people outside of the community who don't agree with what we want to do with our own lives, but I have been body-shamed/outed/critisized from people WITHIN the community, which, being rare, it still happens, along with heterophobia, which isn't common, its the fear of straight people. If we could all just work together towards a common goal, as well as distribute the worlds resources evenly among everyone, we could solve the problems on our world like global warming, criminals, etc. because now everyone is eligible to work for the world because they now have the resources to not live on the streets, with barely enough food to live. The main thing I'm trying to say here, is if there was less hate within politics, religion, and minority communities, we could all achieve much more, not as a country, but as a planet.
I know there are places in the world besides America, but American media is so self-centered that I only hear about American stories.

Anyway, my theory on why there is so much hate is because people are just becoming too divided. The 2 party system is too polarizing. George Washington warned us about how a 2 party system would tear us apart, JUST like it is right now.
My two cents on this is that it also has something to do with news; specifically, how hate is much much more juicy than love.
Two reasons: 1, hate is fast and it’s powerful; exactly the type of thing that one would want if their customers are just skimming through headlines(would you click “the first step to circle/square equality” or “square murdered circle; panic ensues”?).
1a: Anger and awe spread faster than every other emotion; bad things fit in both; “how the heck did someone got that twisted“, and “we have to punish them for that”!
2. News tend to cherry pick stuff. An organization could be 99.9% good and wholesome and awesome, but the newspapers pick out that 0.1% of bad scandal horribleness, put that on the newspaper, and BOOM, Good Wholesome Company is now Company That Promotes Human Money-Leeches.

This game/simulation/interactive thing sums the first point up quite well, and touches on the second point a bit with cherry picking.

The 2 party system is too polarizing. George Washington warned us about how a 2 party system would tear us apart, JUST like it is right now.
What did he say about it?
Greed and fear.

Greed - hatred can be fostered and weaponized as a way to gain power, political or personal.

Fear - people are scared of things they don't understand. Alternatively, they may simply want someone to blame.

Neither of these two things is going to go away any time soon.
Look at it from this angle: hate is the default state. We evolved in direct competition with other humans for resources, and even when we had small social groups our social groups would be competing with others. The fact that we have learned to work together on a larger scale is astounding. It's one of our greatest strengths as a species and why are the dominant life-forms on this planet currently. The fact that you can hear about somebody you've never met and hate them is not all extraordinary. What's amazing is that you can hear about somebody that you've never met and have compassion for them, even when helping them will not benefit you at all and in fact may harm you.
not everyone has the same intentions and the same goals. everyone has their own interpretation of life, thats just how to mind works. that being said, sometimes hate/dislike is good (in my opinion). sometimes hate can save you from uncomfortable situations and bad people. it’s a simple value judgment that we all use to guide ourselves through social situations. hate is meant to set up as contrasts with those we really love and respect. it’s a question for the ages, and there are no good answers. but when i think about the people i hate, i feel good about me. and if it feels good, go with it.

edit: hate from a broad perspective is entirely different though. having hatred without a reason isn't cool, such as racism, antisemitism, transphobia, xenophobia, homophobia, etc.
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I actually don't think there is as much hate in the world as our media portrays. That just what gets people to tune in. Fear and hate mongering sells
Sunshine, that reminds me of an article by a Japanese journalist.

He said if you turn off the radio and don't listen to any news and drive coast to coast across America, it is actually a very nice place.
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