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I was being sarcastic lol
I used to socially smoke around people for no other reason except other people did it and I wanted to be part of the group. Cigarettes. I wasn't addicted. Didn't crave it, didn't notice the withdrawals for days, sometimes weeks.

After a year of that occasional smoking, one day I woke up and started smoking every day. I remember it was because I smoked when I was crying and incredibly stressed out and suddenly my brain must've been like "A'ight, I've decided this is a dependency now."

If you were to keep vaping, its only a matter of time before your brain would make it a dependency. Still, some people have an easier time than others.
I stayed way the heck away from cigarettes in HS because the concept of addiction was terrifying. I couldn't say what exact combination of parenting, anti-drug campaigns, and reading Runaway Jury did the trick but I didn't want none o' that.
I regret ever starting. Even when I quit high stress causes me to relapse and smoke again. Smoking is bad news bears and you shouldn't do it
I hope I never try smoking.

Knowing how little self control I have and how good I am at getting away with things, I wouldn’t be able to stop.
Grayseff said:
I regret ever starting. Even when I quit high stress causes me to relapse and smoke again. Smoking is bad news bears and you shouldn't do it
Same, it really sucks. It's been a long time since I've smoked tobacco. I've just been using lozenges, but yeah it really sucks. I mean, when I started, it did get me through a really rough part of my life during which I just actually couldn't get outside help, like a therapist or a counselor like I needed, but now I deal with handling stress terribly without it.
I've got withdrawals right now because for the past week I've been waking up trying to quit and failing to do so nigh inevitably. What a ridiculous addiction to have adopted.
The hardest part for me was not buying cigarettes anymore. I never dipped so switching to gum/lozenges was a challenge.
Quitting was definitely hard for me. The first few days I was so irritable and upset. Granted I also had some tough clients at my job at the time. I'm almost at a year, though! I'm very proud of myself for that. I quit with my boyfriend, and I think that helped. We can support each other and also sort of do it for each other as well. I also did the patch, and I think that helped because I got to combat the habitual/ritual/compulsive aspect of going out to smoke every few hours before cutting down the actual nicotine. But yeah cravings are still strong even now when they come. I have a vape in my room and I want to get rid of it somehow because it's just right there ready to go. They don't come as often, and I think about how much money I'm saving by not smoking.

When I started, it was only a few a day for the first few months. It became more and more over years until every few hours was regular.

I used to work at a gas station. I always ID'd people, but I knew multiple people who would just ask someone's age without ID'ing. They said that the feds legally can't lie and can't arrest you if you just ask.
I never heard of that with the Feds, we had a guy try to get me fired because I looked at his ID instead of scanning it.

We didn't have an ID scanner I had to chase him down and explain before I lost my job and got charged with a crime.

He was a law student, of course, not even graduated and he's already thoughtlessly not worrying about destroying lives or double checking anything. He'll make a good judge one day.
Man how bored that guy must be.

I've been telling myself that this will be my last vape coil. The thing is just becoming an annoyance at this point, the random leaks and just general clunkyness of it. Also my breath capacity is going to shit especially since I'm not singing anymore.
Interesting! I am a soon-to-be healthcare provider, and I have asked a ton of patients about their smoking nicotine habits. It's true that a majority of people who start using nicotine become addicted and form daily habits; however, I have also encountered many patients who have smoked "casually" for most of their life. I believe addiction to nicotine is quite complicated and involves many processes. I...I guess the word is...admire the patients I meet who have this quality because they can enjoy one of life's many guilty pleasures without it leading to massive mental health consequenes. Of course, all nicotine use is a bit guilty and bad for health, but just saying!

I didn't read through every response before me, so please forgive me if this was pointless. :)
A bit bad for health? Just a bit? Man, I gotta call up the Surgeon General and ask him to tone down those warnings on the boxes of cigarettes. ;)
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