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I'm Sorry I'm twisted,
I'm sorry I'm broken,
I'm sorry I'm tested.
I'm alone desiring remission.

I know kids who cut their skin
Thinking their life has no clarity,
While people get under their skin,
Is it what they are meant to be?

I was once like them you know,
I thought what they did in their heart,
But as I got older my pain began to grow.
Youth was only the start.

Some how I am still alive,
I've lived past my expectation.
Everyone around me starts to thrive,
How will I reach their expectation?

Maybe I make no sense and sound irrational,
But for once I hope you understand,
But depression is international,
And I've lived years longer than I planned.

I thought that I'd already be long gone!
I hate myself and wish I were dead!
Nobody sees I stand alone!
You don't know what goes on in my head!
isnt there already a poetry thread?
If so, please let me know, I figured it would go here though, cause it is a Trigger warning sort of poem.
Here's the poetry thread.
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