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Or did they all leave the website (or at least the forum)?
I'm a conservationist, does that count?
Only if you’re conserving racial purity... though I guess that’s more along the lines of radical right and not political conservatism.
I'm been leaning conservative, I just try to get in less political discussions than I used to and I'm not die hard about a lot of stuff. Two reasons for this is the massive stigma attached to conservative people and my growing apathy toward politics.

I have a sort of mindset that I could be wrong about a lot of stuff, so I'm not as attached to my political opinions. In fact, politics has taken a backseat in my life.

When I was younger I viewed politics as this super important thing that could enact social change or preserve social cohesion.

Nowadays I feel that the best way to change the world is to accept everyone for who they are and what they are doing and just focus on myself.

Now, I fail at this sometimes, but the principles I aspire to are self examination and self improvement. Paradoxically, I see more positive change from others around me when I let them be and accept them and just strive and err and strive again to better myself.

When I let go of changing others, I've discovered a wholesome and positive charisma within myself that others feel joyful and positively inspired to follow in my footsteps whenever I do things that are more loving and healthy for myself and others in my immediate proximity.

One mundane example of this is piano practice. I've been meticulously drilling repetitive, boring basics to drill fundamentals into my brain and muscle memory and within a couple days of this I've seen some roommates who are also interested in piano do the same.

I could have wasted a lot of energy trying to change them and exhort them to practice, but by merely setting a good example and thinking only of taking responsibility for myself it encourages others to also take responsibility for themselves and make their lives better and happier.

Again, I cannot stress enough that I do not always succeed nor do I always live up to my own ideals. I stress an effort to live up to better standards for myself and there is no effort without shortcoming and failure.
This server's never had much conservative bent. LoveinVein was the only exception I can even remember.
Most hyper-conservatives I see in the Q&A end up saying something dumb and leaving pretty soon after when they go "trans bad" and like 42 trans people say "piss off"
There were some staunch libertarians, but they can no longer pretend to be conservative when it suits them and still expect to be taken seriously because of recent events.
Just reading the few comments here and the assumptions people make about conservatives, you can see why nobody bothers posting much if there are others lurking here.

Conservatives get exhausted feeling like they're constantly on the defensive having to explain what they aren't versus what they are, or justifying their beliefs against people's preconceived notions of what they think they believe.

Actual conservatives in real life are often more like hobbits from the shire than they are orcs from Mordor.

Others may be like me and my conservative beliefs are not evangelistic. That is, they are metrics I judge myself against that I don't expect others to conform to. I don't demonize or villify or assume the worst about people with different values than me. I assume, unless proven otherwise, that the person has good intentions and a sound mind that they draw their conclusions and principles from.

I find people with different values than me almost always have their beliefs rooted in good and true things like love, respect, etc. but that benefit of the doubt is very seldom extended to me from others.

And then of course there's snakes and vermin like Ted Cruz (political figure) but we don't associate ourselves with scum like him.
idk man im just a libtard
On the one hand, I didn't have an apoplexy every time Trump opened his mouth. On the other hand, I don't think his election loss was orchestrated by a cabal of blood-drinking child molesters. There's nothing about this site that suggests it should have any particular political bias. But I suppose there must be some cultural selection bias at play, which results in more liberals turning up.

It's like people talk about academia skewing to the left. But it's not necessarily a deliberate conspiracy. I'd be willing to bet that agriculture skews to the right, but we don't care what bias farmers have, because they're not writing it on our food. Maybe conservatives aren't orientated towards forums, or forums without a dedicated subject. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a study saying liberals talk more online.
Conservatives get pretty hardly demonized on this website, so it's not super surprising that a lot of them leave. Hell, I've even seen someone on here say that any and all Trump supporters are fascists. and it's just like, no........

As previously said on here, most conservatives get so generalized that they have to spend much more time explaining what they aren't and defending themselves then explaining what they are and actually making the points they want to make.
I can't think of a single conservative I've ever spoken to that wasn't bigoted or unsupportive of the rights of every human being. I'd love to be shown someone who truly isn't either of these things, but it's all I've ever seen.
My parents are socially liberal but fiscally conservative and for most of their lives voted Republican. They are still very kind and compassionate people, they just thought that a free market would serve people better than socialism. They don't trust the government's effectiveness very much.
My mother did not vote for Trump in 2016 or 2020. I don't know her future voting plans, but social issues like systemic racism have become bigger deals for her than the economic ones.
I can't think of a single conservative I've ever spoken to that wasn't bigoted or unsupportive of the rights of every human being. I'd love to be shown someone who truly isn't either of these things, but it's all I've ever seen.
Most of my Christian friends are moderately to very conservative and good people, but none use this site.
I can't think of a single conservative I've ever spoken to that wasn't bigoted or unsupportive of the rights of every human being. I'd love to be shown someone who truly isn't either of these things, but it's all I've ever seen.

My mum is conservative I believe but shes also intelligent and not a Trump supporter or antimasker or anything so idk if that counts. All others I met are pretty bad and pretty much perfectly fit your descriptions
I can't think of a single conservative I've ever spoken to that wasn't bigoted or unsupportive of the rights of every human being. I'd love to be shown someone who truly isn't either of these things, but it's all I've ever seen.

I'm right there with you. 99.99% of the time that I talk to someone that is conservative, they get backed into the corner and then lash out. Or, they are dive-bombing my inbox with death threats all because I'm trans. Even my good Christian conservative friend turned out to be quite the opposite on Jan 6th when she outright stated that "BLM terrorists were burning entire cities down" and that black Americans just shouldn't break laws if they didn't want to get killed, which she then turned around and confidently stated, "I don't have a racist bone in my body". And, honestly, I used to be exactly like that. The internet radicalized me about 12 years ago and I went down an extremely dark hole until about 7 years ago. So, even I was a disgusting human being that would throw a childish temper tantrum for being called racist even though I had "statistics" that "proved" I was right. So even looking through my own lens and at the people I used to hang around, it's no surprise to me that the nation, and even the world, has turned the way it has. Once in a very, very rare blue moon I will find a conservative with a mostly level head, but even then I feel like I'm tiptoeing around them and catering to their feelings since I've been burned so many times just for bringing a differing opinion, or even facts, to the table. For instance, today I had someone I thought was level-headed on Reddit. They started using the r-slur, so I told them to please stop with a link to the Special Olympics saying it was a slur, and they come at me by saying the Special Olympics is no better than PETA and started calling me mentally slow and the r-slur. I said "please" and even offered a credible organization as proof that the word hurts others and suddenly it's like I'm asking them to give me their firstborn while I've got a gun to their head all because of political correctness/cancel culture/whatever got their underwear all twisted up. Fuuuuu-

See, but those are extreme conservatives. I feel like your average conservative doesn't even talk about politics anymore for fear of being ridiculed. Most of them aren't against the LBGTQ+ community from my experience, but people assume they are all the time.
To put it simply: if the party or candidate you vote for is anti LGBTQ+ or targets minorities with near-surgical precision it is extremely difficult to argue that you don't support racism and homophobia because the net result of your political opinion is to harm minorities.

I get that mild conservatives exist with fairly palatable views about economic independence, but that just isn't what they vote for and endorse.
Conservatives are held more accountable for the actions and misdeeds of their elected officials than liberal people are, at least in the U.S. If a liberal candidate misbehaves its a scandal and its the fault of the candidate. If a conservative candidate misbehaves its a scandal and its the voters' fault. Its a very imbalanced dialogue.
Probably because liberals hold their officials to account for (usually) personal misbehaviour like Al Franken, Cuomo and others. I'm not talking about personal misbehaviour I'm talking policy, but we could also discuss why conservative lawmakers don't have to answer for personal and past misbehaviour. They are never chastised even for anti-Semitism (Jewish space lasers), sexism or actual sexual assault. A literal paedophile was still nearly elected to the senate in Roy Moore.

Edit: to be much clearer: liberals aren't held to account for it because they fire the official, conservative voters are held to account because they still vote for people who do and say deeply problematic things.
Its not fair or accurate to say that liberals hold their candidates equally accountable for wrong doing as they do their opponents' candidates.

Nobody held I.C.E accountable for putting kids in cages when Obama was president. They spent 8 years fully aware that kids were being put in cages, and they refused to do anything because they wanted to stick by their party and candidate. I think this was happening before Obama, as well.

As soon as Trump was elected NOW all of a sudden after probably over a decade of abuse over multiple presidencies they were willing to address it, but they weren't willing to address it if it risked being used as propaganda against one of their own. That's mercenary.

For good or ill, I'm glad it was brought to light and made an outrage of, its merely a prime example that the Left in America is just as blindsided and corrupt as the Right when it comes to selectively being outraged about things against their opponents, and permissive of it within their own ranks.
Systematically separating children was a Trump special. Further, many people on the left criticised Obama and continue to. The left is constantly accused of eating itself alive for refusing to hold their nose and vote for even mildly compromised candidates like, oh I dunno, Hilary God-Damned Clinton?

No, the left is not just as bad, and purges candidates for any and every infraction (no matter how minor) while the right can't even crack down on Marjorie Taylor Green.
I thought the left was all about canceling people. What is that, if not holding their candidates accountable?
Some further thoughts. I hate throwing Obama under the bus like that because I'd vote for him again in a heart beat. The point is its more socially acceptable for me to talk about liberal candidates I like in shades of grey prefacing sentences with, "He's not perfect, but I like him."

But there's this huge social pressure from large news corporations, the blogosphere, etc. that push me to paint conservative candidates I like in black and white and villify them as all bad and usually for quotes they made that were deliberately taken out of context, and when I listen to the full interviews often they're not what the news made them out to be.

Last example is that people were saying Trump should be mentally considered unfit and removed from office. If liberals are TRULY concerned with being mentally fit, they would've NEVER voted for Biden in the first place.

His constant loss of thought and constant spacing out is filling up youtube with Elder Scrolls NPC memes faster than he can flub around on camera. Now they're putting up fake interviews with green screen reporters. If a conservative did this they would NEVER get away with this. Nancy cuts off white house live feed.

Like, he's obviously not in charge or fit to be in charge, and no one's calling for his resignation on the Left.

So its clear to me that liberals hold just as many double standards for their candidates as conservatives do.

Its gotten so bad now that I beat this guy from the U.K. in a Dark Souls duel and he messaged me over Steam to flame me and taunt me that Biden was president. My own president being used as a taunt and insult because of how laughable his presidency is!

If a president can't make me feel safe playing Dark Souls in the comfort of my own home without creating a liability for me and an opening for an insult, what good is he?
Wanna know what annoys me? Liberals spend all day finding a candidate that conservatives will like: Biden, Clinton, Obama, Clinton again all the way back to the goddamn 80's we have met conservatives in the middle because "being liberal is scary and loses votes." And then we still get shat on for them anyway.

The right votes for actual morons, white supremacists and openly partisan agents like McConnell and then have a fat wah about liberals holding them to unreasonable standards. Wanna know what standard democrats are held to? Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are the most mild mannered bipartisan actors that get put up for leadership to "get things done." And they still get accused of being communists.

Not one Republican voted for the stripped down Covid relief bill, so I am forced to conclude not one Republican wants to provide Covid relief.
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