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I think you're right, there's no monolith of conservatism, like there's no monolith of liberalism. Tucker Carlson, conservative Christians and farmers are coming from three different angles with three different sets of priorities. You have neo-conservatives who support American imperialism, then you have paleo-conservatives who oppose it, and they're both called conservatives. Neo-conservatives strangely enough were borne out of the left-wing of their time.

Conservatism also takes different forms in different countries. In the UK you have the party actually called the Conservatives, but many would argue they're not really all that conservative nowadays, and are just the rich people's party. To which some would argue that's what conservatism is anyway, and others would argue that many of the UK's original conservative thinkers were, in fact, anti-capitalist.

Can you be an anti-capitalist, anti-free-trade, conservative? You certainly could in the Victorian era where it all kicked off. I think a big point of confusion is economics. Outside the US, there is such a thing as left-wing conservatism. That is to say, people with conservative/traditionalist views on things like gender or immigration, but who at the same time are all for the government helping the poor. There is an "old Left" who cared about the mines closing, but didn't care about intersectionality.

I think people, especially when presented with a dichotomy, end up defining themselves by what they're not. Or they define themselves by how they get defined by others. If you get called something, you figure okay that's what I am. If you hold position X, and you hear position-X-holders called conservatives, you figure okay I guess I'm a conservative then.

Anyway, was there a time when there was lots of conservatives here, or what.
No, but it feels like a handful posted in touchy subjects compared to the maybe 3-4 non far left leaning people (maybe this isn’t the best way to describe but I think, maybe, you’ll know what I’m talking about) like I see today.
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