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Hey, I have panic attacks almost every night, and I'm wondering if anyone can relate or has any tips to deal with them.
Do you know any grounding techniques?
I have panic attacks almost every time I leave the house. I end up having to leave the house multiple times a day almost every day, so it's pretty rare that I have an attack free day.

I have a few approaches for coping, but probably the most effective approach is 'shutting down' - I ignore all stimuli and focus all my effort on calming down. Obviously you can't do this every time (driving comes to mind), but in most situations, it's do-able. Some people get upset about it, but they can go to hell.

For me, I think the biggest help was just accepting that it's a thing that happens, and not letting the aftermath get to me. I used to feel something like guilt or self loathing in the aftermath - guilt that I was somehow responsible for my failure to function, and self loathing for that dysfunction. That made any given attack worse. Any given attack wasn't just a panic attack, but all the emotional crap that came along with it.
I have been able to ‘think’ my way out of them if they’re progressing very slowly. Other than that the one thing that usually helps is just focusing on my breathing. I breathe in normally, not too deep, then exhale really slowly. I count while I’m inhaling and exhaling. Not counting to anything, just counting. I’ll keep my eyes closed if it’s bad enough. Used to be when I first started having them, it would get to a point where I’d be worried I was going to die. After not dying several times I just started reminding myself that panic attacks aren’t dangerous, just shitty. Because I’m stupid that meant telling myself every reason I definitely wasn’t dying. Removing myself from whatever situation I’m in helps. Really the breathing thing helps me the most.
I usually have most success with sensory-based techniques. Like, find five things you can see, name them, think about them. Then four things you can touch. Three things you hear. Two things you can smell. One thing you can taste. If I don't have the last two I just repeat the first three a second time.
What helped me stop my debilitating unexplained, out of the blue panic attacks
1. A multivitamin, a b12 vitamin and a magnesium vitamin.
2. I haven't had any form of caffeine in about 9 almost 10 years now.
3. The understanding that all things are temporary.

You can also avoid triggers if you have them. I have food anxiety. Im convinced some day I will try some food product that I will be allergic to and I will swell up, suffocate and die.

There are a crap load of studies linking g anxiety to vitamin deficiency . For example lack of B12 Causes Psychiatric Symptoms: B12 deficiency can cause almost any psychiatric symptom, from anxiety, and panic to depression and hallucinations. This is because B12 deficiencies trigger symptoms in the nervous system and red blood cells.
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