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What are your thoughts on Harry and Meghan?

I wish they'd stop, it's like you've had your say, at what point are you going to give it a rest. Or are you just going to keep doing interviews about how you wish you weren't famous, and you wish you could still get all the money and security from being royal but without the duty part.

Meghan implied there was something unusual about Archie not being granted Prince. Prince/ss only goes to great-grandchildren via the line of succession, which is William. When Elizabeth II dies and Charles III ascends, Archie will become a grandson and a prince, if Harry is still royal. This was decided before Meghan turned up.

She complained about having mental health problems and not getting support. Who's supposed to give her mental health support? Mental health problems are a real thing, but her mental health problems aren't her in-laws fault or responsibility. If she wants her mental health problems treated then she needs to go to the doctor.

Another complaint was no one was specifically assigned to teach her the lyrics to God Save the Queen. What a shocker! You've got google, it's in English, what's the problem. She talked about how she didn't know British stuff because she's American. I think there was a culture shock too, but it's not the family's fault you're American.
Who's harry and meghan?
I don't care a jot about the ins and outs of the Royals, I'm sure Meghan had a bad time and it was all very upsetting, but she's also the spouse of the second son of the next in line for the throne. I think Andrew's kids are still called Princes/Princesses, so maybe Archie should have got a title, but it seems a little petulant to claim it's a major slight. Who knows?

The whole Royal family is more or less just a reality show anyway.
Who's harry and meghan?

Oh no...
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Grayseff said:
I think Andrew's kids are still called Princes/Princesses, so maybe Archie should have got a title, but it seems a little petulant to claim it's a major slight.
Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie are grandchildren of the sovereign, Archie is not. There's no inconsistency there. If this was important to Meghan then she could've googled it, it's been this way since before she was born.
So does Archie get a title if Elizabeth dies? Do siblings born after? Lord who knows...
Yes, when Archie becomes a grandchild of the sovereign instead of a great-grandchild, he would become a Prince, according to the George V convention which was established in 1917 and wasn't about Meghan.
My entire life the royals have been little more than tabloid fodder. Most people still aren't over an affair Charles had in the what? 80's? 70's? Philip had been widely known as a bit racist and I don't know who was expecting the world's most traditional and entrenched family to be progressive and open. I agree that Harry and Meghan should probably just fade into obscurity, but a snappy story about the royals gets punters buying womens weekly and watching Oprah.
Charles and Diana were married from 1981-1992 (legally till 1996), and they both had affairs.

I think this has gone beyond tabloids, it's mainstream media and social media. It's like they're on a weird charm-offensive, they've lost the UK so they're trying to win the US. Now it seems Americans are turning against them after Harry called the First Amendment bonkers in his latest interview. I can just imagine Meghan facepalming and being like "No, not the First Amendment, Harry!". They're millionaires, they don't need to do this.
I'm aware they both had affairs and both weren't happy. Again, I think we're giving oxygen to the vapid and wealthy as much as debating the Kardashians and their weddings and divorces.
I just end up feeling a little bad for Harry. He gave it all up for what? Although yeah, a Brit commenting on the constitution was funny to watch.
I remember someone told me that the members of the royal family were more or less treated like they were celebrities but I wasn't expecting it to be to this extent.
I think the issue became a mainstream touchy subject when Meghan claimed that someone (now believed to be Princess Anne) speculated on their baby's skin tone . It was pretty hard to avoid this as a cultural/political touchstone in the weeks following that, if you were anywhere near a screen of any kind. I think it went far beyond regular celebrity gossip, even if that's what it was. There were calls to abolish the monarchy because of what (Princess Anne?) allegedly asked, I think because of the year America has had with race coupled with the fact that the interview was geared to America.
What were they (allegedly) saying about the baby’s skin tone? From the pictures I’ve looked at, that kid has exactly the skin tone I’d expect from putting those two together.
Meghan never gave a precise quote, she said:

"In those months when I was pregnant, all around this same time, so we have in tandem the conversation that he won't be given security, he's not going to be given a title, and also concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he's born."

Meghan said there were "several conversations about it". When Harry was asked, he referred to "that conversation" in the singular, so it sounds like he was only aware of one. When pressed for a quote, he said "What would the kids look like?".
I'll believe she's recalling real conversations, but I think her interpretation is paranoid. I think she's conflated unrelated issues and weaved them into a conspiracy against her.

She says there were conversations about Archie not getting a title, which she connects to another conversation about Archie's skin colour, and implies he didn't get a title because of his potential skin colour. But Harry's children were never getting titles at birth, because Harry's too far down the line of succession. Everyone except Meghan knew that, so if there were conversations about it, it's probably because she brought it up.

She said there were several conversations about Archie having dark skin, but when Oprah asked Harry he said it was one conversation about what Archie would look like. Which is it.

We don't know for sure what was said, but my impression is there was normal chit-chat with a couple expecting a child, where people idly wonder which features he will inherit from which parents, and Princess Anne must've included complexion, which touched a nerve.
Clearly Meghan didn't fit in with his family and that's tough. But I don't think Harry fit in with her family either. All this talk about them not supporting Meghan, well surely it's her own family that need to support her, and they seem to have done even less. I don't think her not fitting had anything to do with her being mixed-race, I think it was to do with her being American and politicised. The Royal Family are apolitical, and she felt gagged.

I think this goes beyond celebrity gossip because it's the royals, so republicans chime in and want to demonise them personally as if them being bad people personally is relevant to the monarchy as an institution. You had all these people saying "#abolishthemonarchy" after the interview. But if you want to abolish the monarchy, surely you want to do it regardless of what Meghan says.
Phillip is racist AF.
Racist ass ghost.
Sounds like the premise of a terrible horror film!
I bet it exists.
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