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Grayseff said:
Heavily edited.
So would you say it was astroterfing?
hoo boy here we go
Are you going to provide any kind of reasoning for this or are you just here to troll?

I suspect the latter.
Grayseff said:
Heavily edited.

What was it like pre-edit?
Haven't been here in like three months, so I'm gonna be doing a little necroposting, sorry.

I think it's unlikely that the progressive status quo of choosing one's pronouns, having to exchange them with new people you meet, and expecting people to remember/use them will persist in the long term. It's just not efficient or useful. Gender identity by definition is supposed to be an internal property that no one else but you can know without you telling them. So why the hell should it be an essential property of third-person pronouns - words that only other people use to describe you?

If the progressive perspective on gender prevails among English speakers, I would bet we'll end up eliminating gendered pronouns. They aren't necessary to communicate, as proven by languages that don't have them. Alternatively, maybe we'll develop gendered first-person pronouns, but that's a much bigger linguistic shift.

Briefly, regarding other cultures: I think it's kind of ridiculous to hold culture as somehow sacred / above morality. But then I am a moral objectivist.
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