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Hey there
So I'm a member of the LDS church
And I figured I may as well answer some questions about the church.

Granted, please don't ask me about magnets or horses cause that's just trolling.
And all answers will be made to the best of my knowledge, which isn't the best seeing as how I'm just 14.

Ask away!
Please explain the planets thing. If you can. Also how much of this is explained in the Book of Mormon?
Hey i got a question what do you think of Mark William Hoffman?
Please explain the planets thing. If you can. Also how much of this is explained in the Book of Mormon?

I'm afraid I'm not very knowledgeable in that subject, but what I can tell you is that in the time we are on this earth we will likely be unable to reach other civilizations created by other Gods.
Pelon said:
Hey i got a question what do you think of Mark William Hoffman?

I don't know anything about him but he doesn't seem like the best guy.
Any more?
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You know what else is ironic. Hypothetically speaking OC if i was to take back drugs and medicine back around the time Joseph smith “experience his visions”. The religion we know as mormonism would have been known as ligma sacs and the fractured but holy.
Sorry for spoiling everyone's day. Just wanted to know if there were any more myths I could put to bed. Guess all I get in return is criticism.
Dont be like that!! Im just busting balls. Anyways i still am confused about the whole vision thing did joseph smith see an angel or a white salamander? And why a white salamander??
He had quite a few visions... though I don't ever recall a salamander in there. As for the first vision, the one you're most likely talking about, he saw God and Jesus Christ.
Why him though?? What made him so special and stand out??

Even then narcissistic people existed. Instead of social media they started religions. Sorry i dont mean to shit on your religion.
Nah mate it's cool.

So, idk what made him stand out, but the story goes something like this:
Joseph was I want to say a teenager at the time, and he had a predicament. He didn't know what church to join. So one day while reading the Bible, he comes across James 1:5. Which reads something along the lines of "If ye lack wisdom, let him ask of God." So Joseph goes out into a nearby clearing (aka the sacred grove) and prays. While he's praying, Satan takes a hold of him. He can't speak, move, or anything. Practically paralyzed. He is struggling for control when he finally breaks free(don't remember that part aside from the fact that he breaks free). Then God and Jesus Christ come down from Heaven, and tell him every other church is corrupt. So then he starts the LDS church a couple years later.

That's the rough story, so you'd be better off asking a missionary. But I guess he was the one person in 1800 years or so that asked and didn't give up hope. Idk for sure why he stood out tho.
So, I've heard Mormons view native Americans as a lost tribe of Israel. Is that actually true and if so how do they justify it in the modern age with evidence to the contrary?
I don't know about evidence to the contrary, but The Book of Mormon is quite similar to the Bible. It's essentially journals of the people. At one point, they cross an ocean. And if you follow the landmarks afterwards you can see it's quite similar to the Americas we know today. And lastly, the plates had to have gotten to hill Cumorah somehow, with the surroundings matching the surroundings of the last page of the Book of Mormon. Granted, some within the church have other beliefs, but It's all okay for me.

I could go into detail on the lost Lamenites and Nephites if you would like.
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That wasn’t double, that was triple.

Oooh baby, that's quite a few dead cats.
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do i/should i thank jesus for dying for my sins before i go to sleep every night?

should i pray for forgiveness? whats the proper procedure here?
I'm not really sure

I'm not a that active member but I don't pray at night
Members usually repent at night for all sins that they had done that day. As for thanking him, it's completely up to you as to what you include in your prayer.

FYI repentance is along the lines of "Sorry I did such and such, I'll try not to do it again."
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