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I'm all for Android, but what about you?
Fuck proprietary screws.
My personal favorite comercially availiable mobile operating system is Android, but if I could, I'd probs use GrapheneOS.
Whats that?
An operating system
Well yeah but what could you compare it to?
It seems to be a phone OS with a focus on security and compatibility with Android apps, with less of the creepy trackers and the annoying required apps. Honestly sounds interesting to me since security is a big concern for me online.

Basically Android if they cared for your security.

Edit: Side note, but I don’t think it’s very fair to compare Apple and Android directly. One is a company in charge of iOS (the actual operating system), and the other is an operating system used by a variety of companies. Mainly Google, Samsung, Motorola, and apparently Facebook. They all do their own things with it and some are probably vastly different than others. Android is more than a phone OS, my Oculus Quest runs on it for crying out loud.
GrapheneOS is Android but without google.
Samsung isnt an operating system. Android is the OS.
Every time I see you, my mind automatically thinks of you as a cringe 11 yr old due to your pfp. If this is what you're trying to do, good job.
I change it now.
Samsung23 said:
I'm all for Android, but what about you?

I see we have a filthy android enjoyer on our hands
I see we have a filthy android enjoyer on our hands

I wonder what made you think that...
Everything is subjective and up to people’s opinions on and uses for an operating system, one isn’t definitively better than the other.

Why Android is better: Oculus.
Is this really that touchy a subject?
It is to some, and where else would I put it?
I mean ig. Mods can you move us to tech?
I dunno, I can get pretty irate about Apple.
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