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So, I've been thinking a lot about this subject as one of my classmates got pregnant and aborted the baby.

I personally am against it, as I don't see why killing a baby is ok.

But, I'd like to hear your guys' thoughts
before i hear any other opinion let me just give my concise thoughts

not allowing abortion puts a whole lot of suffering on the shoulders of everyone involved. the mother and baby included. abortion outlawed will still prompt people to try to get them, just in less safe and less regulated ways. i think that sort of outweighs the argument, because itd be awful to make an infant have to go through being raised in an environment where theyre raised by say, a mother who was unprepared or unwilling to raise them in the first place

other assorted reasons like pregnancy resulting from rape and i think that the option should really be available to those who seek it

at the same time however, i cant really speak for this topic all that personally considering that i am neither a woman, nor a fetus, nor someone who was aborted.
I do see your point in that
i also think the argument for "you shouldnt kill it because its alive" kinda falls through because where do you draw the line? did the baby ask to be conceived? the best you can do is make sure youre in a position that you can raise a biological child as best as you can. sometimes things like pregnancy happens and it's better to have an alternative to forcing yourself to go through with childbirth

again, not exactly my place to speak and im willing to hear arguments to my opinion
The baby wasn't asked to be conceived, but that doesn't mean it can't make it's own choices later in life.
thats a good point as well

id imagine the reason why its such a hotly debated subject is due to this morally gray nature it has

the argument of whether or not its okay to end a potential life and whether or not it differs from homicide or infanticide
Well, some treat it as a parasite living within the mother, leeching from it
And others like me believe that it's a living thing that could have a nice life in it's future
at the end of the day the baby comes from the mother. the choice is up to them and not us. they decide which of the two the fetus is.
Yeah, I can see that
what it boils down to for me at least is it isnt fair to kill a creature in the womb, but its even less fair to take the choice away from the mother. i dont necessarily disagree that all infants have a chance to live a happy life.
But at the same time, even if the mother isn't able to raise a child, I know many many families who have tried to conceive for years with fail. Adoption exists for a reason.
oooh imma reply to this. uhh, leave my baby homies alone, what did they do?? they dont deserve da hate :(
Access to abortion is a human right. if I found out I was pregnant tomorrow I 100% would get it aborted. It would be awful but I would. Birth control is a cornerstone of women's liberation.

Abortion is not killing a baby. It is stopping some cells from growing. They would eventually develop into a baby, yes. But it's not murder and it's insidious to call it such.

Also im pretty sure you are a teen so I don't blame this girl at all for getting one. It would have totally derailed her health, education, future goals and education. Not to say teen parents can't succeed but it definitely changes their life path and one dumb decision because your country has poor sex ed shouldn't equal a lifetime of punishment.
poor bebe :(
It's not a baby, it's a parasite at that stage. A human being shouldn't have to have something feeding off them if they don't want to. It's no one's business but the woman's. Adoption wouldn't work either. There are currently I believe over 400k children in the system. If every aborted baby in the last 17 years had been carried and then put up for adoption, there would be 10 million children in need of adoption. There aren't 10 million couples who want to adopt children.
Kids born to parents who don't want them aren't being set up to "have a nice life" in the future. It's stupid and cruel to both mother and child. If you don't like killing living things, stop eating meat.
Also don't remove tumors.
I'm opposed to murder so my tumour and I just hang out all day. Sure it's killing me, but it has rights too, you know?
They often have hair and teeth. Can't kill shit w hair and teeth.
Does that mean if I shave you and knock out your teeth, I can kill you without getting charged with murder?
It should, but I'd still have my back teeth.
I don't blame her

But I do believe that it is a living being that can develop into a good person.

And, therefore, I believe killing it is wrong.

But I do see your side and opinions, and I do respect them. What you're saying makes sense, but I just don't exactly believe that.
It can also develop into a serial killer. That's not a sound argument.
It's kinda 50/50 that they end up shitty. That should cancel out that argument.
Why does a possible future matter to you more than the present reality? A zygote, embryo, fetus, etc does not have personhood at that stage. Why does it developing it in the future matter when discussing the present state of it? Why does that matter more than the parent's health and desire to not undergo a hugely traumatic medical procedure/experience they do not want?

I could become the next nobel prize winner. That doesn't mean you should treat me like I won the nobel prize right now.
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