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I might.
Children who would have been aborted also fare worse than their desired counterparts. You're harming a woman* to give a kid a life that's going to be likely worse than normal. They have greater chances, by significant margins, of living in poverty, having worse relationships with their parents, etc. And if they're placed up for adoption... that's often a pretty bad thing. Not all kids get adopted (let alone adopted by good parents). Some kick around in foster care forever, which is shitty. Eg: in Canada, there are some 78,000 kids in foster care, about half of which are not anticipated to get adopted. 90% of kids who age out of foster care end up on welfare within 6 months, 25% have PTSD, 70% of girls in foster care are pregnant by 21, etc., etc.

* Or at least, a person with a uterus.
My numbers were US related, but I'm sure the percentages are similar.
Samsung, are you in highschool? Raising a child is a huge responsibility, and nearly no people in highschool are equipped to do so - emotionally, mentally, or financially. Even many college students are not ready to have one.
Yes yes I am

And I know that she made the right decision for her, and I'm not judging that

But I've been thinking more of those that are 100% capable to raise a child, got pregnant intentionally, and choose to abort it
I'm glad you agree with her right to make that decision.

Pro-choice advocates believe that people who get pregnant are the ones who should be trusted to decide if an abortion is the right choice for them. Pro-life advocates generally believe that the state (or other authority, like a church) should decide who is allowed to get abortions. (Opinions within pro-life vary; e.g: in cases of rape, incest, medical necessity, etc).

Edit: Generally people do not plan to get pregnant and then have an abortion, and when they do, it's usually because they've been through some significant change of circumstance. Getting an abortion is definitely not a fun thing to do - even Plan B, the "morning-after pill," often causes vomiting and pain. It obviously is a more traumatic process the longer that the pregnancy is allowed to develop.
So that puts me in the pro-life category, what are you in?
that would make them pro-choice, I'm pro-life. just a stricter version of the samsung duckky dude
If you don't want a kid, you're not 100% capable of raising it.
I think a lot of people who advocate for abortion only being allowed in case of rape rarely think through the implications of that. It would A) force victims to retraumatize themselves and put themselves in potential danger by naming their rapist B) incentivize false rape accusations (currently very rare, but I bet we'd sure see an uptick if it were necessary to acquire an abortion...) and C) make it much, much harder for people in domestic violence and abuse situations to get an abortion.
Samsung23 said:
So that puts me in the pro-life category, what are you in?

Definitely pro-choice, if that wasn't obvious then I'm better at appearing neutral than I thought. :P
If choosing to do something that "kills" something that could turn into a full grown person one day is murder then that makes every male here a mass murderer. Think about how many sperm cells are in one ejaculate. I guess that even makes condoms mass murder weapons. I guess that even makes a vasectomy mass murder. A hysterectomy too even if someone genuinely needs a hysterectomy for other medical problems.
It doesn't have the potential to be a human until the egg is fertilized, in my opinion
About as arbitrary as saying “it’s literally just a fetus still” isn’t it?
Not exactly
Because once it connects it will start growing
Otherwise it will just, well, die.
Sperm and eggs don't grow on their own into humans
So I draw the line where the process starts
A fertilized egg doesn't grow on it's own into a human either.
As in separate from each other
Fetuses don't "just grow". They also require input from an external source (the mother consuming nutrients appropriately, not ingesting various drugs, etc.) If they could "just grow", killing the mother wouldn't also kill the fetus. The distinction between "just grow with input from a sperm" and "just grow with input from an umbilical cord" is arbitrary. Both are input from an additional, non-fetus source.
Thanks. Didn't feel like it.
If we're talking about arbitrary things, what's the difference between a fetus and an actual baby? They both can develop into a human with help from their parents.
A living infant outside of person doesn’t pose any harm to the person it was inside of.
It kind of does...
That's a pedantic stretch.
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