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Wanted to see how the resident Canadians are dealing with the protests and if its affecting any of y'all personally? Tucking the question away here because it's a bit Politicalâ„¢.

Overall thoughts on the situation? For or against or indifferent?
They are dangerous fucking morons and I hope they get struck by lightning.

Where I live, they are currently condoning off a chunk of downtown in anticipation of them coming here. This hasn't personally impacted me yet, as I haven't needed to go there, but that is where two courthouses plus my doctor are.
They're insane, protesting in a way that interrupts transportation and puts strain on both countries to fix their stupidity.
Effective protests kind of require disruption of something. Otherwise there's no pressure to actually do anything about them.
If you're intentionally and severely impeding access to public spaces, you should expect to be fined and eventually arrested. The legal right to protest obviously does not include a legal right to deny other people's rights (to access roads, to reasonable sound levels, etc.).

Sometimes civil disobedience leading to arrests can be a powerful form of protest. But you'd better be prepared to suffer the legal consequences if you choose to include lawbreaking as part of your protest strategy.

Personally, with very few exceptions, I've tended to lose sympathy for a cause when I feel like its proponents are trying to hold the rest of society hostage via "disruption".
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