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where do you think you'll be in 10 years? I'm thinking about this for some reason and I'm questioning myself whether I'll still be chatting here or what job I'll be doing in the near future, or whether I'll like what I'm doing

so what do you think you'll be doing? what do you hope to do? where do you want to be?

(I think this is the right thread to post this in)
I think I'll be doing your mom.
I'll be jackin' it in San Diego.
I dont even know how I'll be in ten years
i will either be dead or extremely successful and happy, we'll just have to see
If everything goes right, I'll probably be flying cargo planes.
I might be homeless.. or rich. Either one.
Hopefully still alive.
Hopefully alive and living a quiet life with a husband and working consistently and raising adopted kids who hopefully won’t ever find out about twocans.
Yeah. Def don't want that.
I don't know how embarrassed of twocans I would be if my (future) kids found it. It's their mom's life and feelings. I went through a lot of shit. Maybe it would help them feel less alone than I did in their cringe emotional teen years.
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