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Can someone please explain it please?
one second i can
Oh boy bug is gonna give me sex education. How exciting. eeeeek.
so, when you are pregnant there is a lining in your uterus for your egg (the baby). the reason that periods happen is from the lining of the uterus shedding (its made of blood in case that wasn't clear), so if you don't get pregnant, it sheds the lining. it typically sheds once a month which is the time when a period happens, but this differs from person to person. like for me i get mine sporadically. at one point i didn't get it for like 5 months. also when its shedding you get cramps and stuff it depends on the person though

there's other things like the phases, i don't remember all of the names but the first is the period when the lining sheds, and then your estrogen levels rise, and then ovulation, and then that's it unless you get pregnant but that's not really the point right now. hopefully i got nothing wrong but yeah there you go
actually tomorrow when my brain is actually working i can explain it better
You made a commendable effort to educate me, bug. Much thanks.
you're welcome im going to sleep now
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How much detail do you want? Cause there’s a lot to it. If you want not every detail then I think you’ve basically got what you need / someone else will get around to it. If you want every detail, give me until Tuesday afternoon when I finish exams.
I want to know everything.
basically you start bleeding and it hurts but after a while youre ok again
thank you stripes
your e welcome im an expert
yes you are
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Because we're here just to suffer.
I’m way too tired to get into this right now, but I’m gonna drop this here as part of what I’ll get to tomorrow afternoon.

You said you wanted detail…

Go ahead and look over that for now
(This is basically reiterating the diagram SbF5 posted)

Basically, inside the body there is an organ called the uterus. Attached to the uterus (via the fallopian tubes) are the ovaries, and inside the ovaries are egg cells. The egg cells mature inside of sacs called follicles, which are filled with fluid and give the egg a place to grow.

A gland in the brain (the pituitary gland) produces Follicle Stimulating Hormone, which causes extra blood to go to one specific follicle. This gives the egg cell the nutrients it needs to grow and mature. The growing follicle releases a hormone called Estradiol (estrogen). Estradiol causes new blood vessels and more tissue (called the uterine lining) to grow inside the uterus.

Eventually, the pituitary gland produces a surge of Lutenizing Hormone, which causes the egg cell, which is now fully matured, to be released from its follicle. This is called ovulation. Ovulation causes Estradiol levels to drop, because the follicle is no longer producing Estradiol. After ovulation, the egg cell travels down the fallopian tube and into the uterus over the course of about two weeks. Once the egg leaves the follicle, the follicle is turned into a structure called the corpus luteum.

The aforementioned spike in Lutenizing Hormone causes the corpus luteum to produce a hormone called Progesterone. Progesterone triggers rapid growth of the uterine lining. Much more blood vessels and tissue in the uterus is created, which provides a place for a fertilized egg to implant itself and grow to become a fetus. Progesterone also stops the muscular exterior of the uterus from contracting, which would push out anything inside the uterus. Essentially, progesterone helps the uterus become an environment where a possible pregnancy can safely and easily grow.

However, if no fertilized egg implants itself in the uterine lining, the corpus luteum breaks down, causing progesterone levels to drop. The decrease in progesterone causes the uterine lining to break down and the uterine muscles to contract. The tissue detaches from the uterus walls and is expelled via muscle contractions (cramps) out the vagina. This is the menstrual period, also called menses. The "period blood" comes from the tissue and blood vessels of the uterine lining breaking down. While menses is occurring, the pituitary gland produces more Follicle Stimulating Hormone, which will cause the cycle to repeat itself.

Let me know if you want to see my sources, or if I got anything wrong! I might update this with possible corrections when I get a chance to look at my anatomy textbook again. Hope this helps :D
Wow nice! As far as I can tell you got that completely right! Now… can you tell what else is super important about progesterone? Particularly in relation to estradiol and why it would be fucked if you didn’t make enough progesterone / more progesterone than estradiol? Hint, it’s part of why HRT for females in menopause almost always have to take progesterone if they also take an estrogen. Like there’s a certain risk that progesterone mitigates.

Edit: there’s only a couple things you left out but they’re not too important. It’s about the interactions between the different hormones. I’m gonna have to crack open some textbooks later too after my last exam today. If you’re a student, good luck on exams, also you’re gonna to great if you ever choose to do anything medicine / related.
it counters basically all the biggest risks caused by estradiol. Breast cancer, bone density, blood clots. also it gives you tig ol' bitties Unless you're trans of course, then all of that is definitely just wild speculation and progesterone is a dangerous scary unproven hormone with no benefit that should never be prescribed.
Or if you're my insurance company, progesterone is interchangeable with estradiol, and oral ingestion of progesterone is exactly the same as intramuscular injection of estradiol. and they know my health better than me or the guy with an actual medical degree who prescribes me shit, so really it would be insane for them to pay for $100 vials of estradiol every few months and theyd much rather pay for $150 birth control every month for someone with no uterus
Oh yeah that’s right. I like to forget about insurance companies until I have to think about them so I can actually give people the drugs they need. Yeah they’re the medicinal magicians who know everything. Apparently I’m healthy enough not to need meds for seizures and my neurologist is just wrong. But yeah, it’s mainly endometrial cancer but yeah, you’re right.
It’s ridiculous that hormones of all things cost that much…
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