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Millpond said:
I assume they donated to these candidates for their economic stances and their anti-LGBTQIA+ stances were incidental. But it shows they care about money first. If it were up to me, I'd ban political donations altogether, make politicians exclusively tax-funded. But there's no way to stop that sort of online rainbow-washing other than to call them out and embarrass them in the comments.

One concrete way to stop them would be for local organisers to ban them from involvement in Pride marches. Pride marches have gone the same way as Youtube, from initially revolutionary DIY platforms to more advertising space. The finger needs to be pointed at local organisers too, because if corporations are hijacking Pride marches, they're letting them. Crowd-funding is a good idea.

Huh, I actually agree with pretty much all of that. Pride events in major cities have basically become giant advertising events for big companies that want to appear woke. Last time I was at the Toronto Pride parade, it seemed like 3/4 floats where from some company or another. It's a bummer, I'd like to see more community groups, even smaller local businesses would be an improvement.

Also, my understanding is that these days, corporations have a legal obligation to prioritize making profits for shareholders, so funding right wing politicians that will lower their taxes is a no brainer for them, the companies barely care about the other causes those politicians champion.

As for what I’d like to see more of at Pride, it's mainly activism. With more and more corporate sponsorship becoming a part of the celebration, it seems that the political aspect has been pushed to the wayside. A lot of people just see pride as an excuse to party, which is fine, but I think there’s a certain responsibility to remember that a lot of queer people are still struggling when it comes to equal rights. I think the movement to bar police from participating has been a good step in the right direction.
Here is a great thread that really showcases the problems of rainbow capitalism.
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