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i am editing this message as the cult progresses because its basically the info thing

our core beliefs:
In the beginning, there were only 2 things. A long dark blue river, twinkling, and a large blue fish swiming through it. One day, the immortal fish got bored and decided to create a planet in it's own image, which he would call Earth. He decided to populate the fish-shaped planet with creatures similar to itself. Over time these fish evolved into every animal populating the world today. As they evolved, they lost their connection with God. Feeling bored with it's eternal swimming, the immortal fish decided to find a human prophet to encourage them to revert to their gilled ways. He finally settled on a prophet, named flopflopsalmon.

our main prayer:
Almighty fish

I am sorry that we have evolved, and that we have abandoned you. Please give me your swimming strength to reclaim your previous glory


in order to be a part of the fish cult you have to:
have a fish in your profile picture in some form
have praise the fish in your bio somewhere it can be anywhere
praise the fish
praise the fish 🐟
Righty now. Religion number 3.
Why is this here?
Do not question the fish, the fish sees all and knows all
Why is this here?

The all-knowing fish lord is the one and only God, which fits under the religion section of touchy subjects
the religion grows

i remember those good old days. Those days filled with joy and so SO much fish. i still remember the first time i found that shiny lake and its mystical glow. i remember stepping into that lake as an etheral power swelled inside me and i heard his voice.
"go on." he said "swim on child and spread my gospel."
i couldnt believe it
i thought those tales had been myths. but he had granted me faith and immortality to forever believe in our true saviour. and 1000 years later flopflopsalmon appeared
another true believer of my lord joined me in my journey to spread GREATNESS.
and ever since we have gained only more followers. the fish revolution is beginning.
i still remember his bubbly voice and blue glow.
i wonder if that lake will ever call to me again.
wow that sounds like it would actually be out of the fish bible

also guys we need a prayer so we can pray to the fish gods
Hail to the fish!!!
fish :))
Definitely belongs in the sandbox but Praise the fish *shrug*
hey who's the devil?
$4MU$ said:
Hail to the fish!!!

honestly not seeing your fish but if you explain your pfp I might get it
fish forever!!
Definitely belongs in the sandbox but Praise the fish *shrug*
hey who's the devil?

sharks all they do is eat fish
praise the fish :)
reminder to praise the fish and do your effort to please the fish :) 🐟
The fish will be PRAISED in the highest

i don't organised religion but the almighty fish is a friend
remember, the fish is the one true god of the world
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