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Can one be pro-life and pro death penalty or pro-choice and against the death penalty?
Oh very much so. My friend and I are both pro-choice and we constantly have arguments about the death penalty.
I think it's a bit hypocritical to be pro-life and for the death penalty. I don't think so for being pro-choice and against the death penalty, because you're not for killing fetuses, you're against restricting the right of the mother to kill the fetus.
Agreed, but I think it still shows that in either circumstance you are deciding on whether a human should live or not. So, it would be hypocritical in the other circumstance. Abortion leaves a 'choice' for one or two people to decide the fate of another. Death penalty does the same, when sentenced the judge chooses to implement the death penalty or not.

Both issues boil down to the same concept: Should one human be allowed to decide another humans fate?
No, they do not.
I guess you don't feel compelled to explain why it is not one human deciding the fate of another. I am asking because I am very torn on this subject. I have discussed this with many friends and I know my stance on each one, but I do feel they are very much tied together.
A fetus is not a human or a person or whatever. It is a thing. A lump of cells dependent on the mother's body. It practically IS her body.
You didn't ask me to. Anyway, ThenAgain explains it better than I would.
I actually support the death penalty when it comes to criminals such as serial rapist and murderers, ones who are guilty beyond a doubt. I would rather my tax money go to schools and the like rather than keeping these monsters alive.
If killing people is such a terrible thing to do, how is it okay to kill murderer? It's still killing someone, which is wrong.
Actually it is more expensive to kill a criminal than to keep him/her alive from what I have heard.

This site appears to support that theory, but I didn't bother to vent the facts since I am just passing along a "rumor".
I dunno. To me once you do something as horrendous as say, ray and murder 10 children, you don't deserve to live. You given up that right.
And we draw the line... where?

I'm going to hope you referring to criminals as "it" was an honest mistake.
Ha, my bad, I didn't even notice. I fixed my mistake. Proofreading is very important.
I think whether or not somebody is pro-choice has nothing to do with the death penalty, being pro-choice does not mean that you are making the choice to have an abortion just that you are open to the idea or other people being able to make that choice and I agree that a fetus(excluding late-term abortions) is not a child.
The death penalty is a more concrete ideal where supporting it can actually cause people to die, it all depends on what you deem as an acceptable reason to be executed.
I am completely pro life, and completely against the death penalty.
We were discussing the death penalty in my Sociology class last semester, and yes, keeping someone alive is less expensive that execution, and certainly less complex seeing you have to go through tons of paper work and legal stuff to actually carry out the death penalty which usually lasts at least 7 years. Besides, should killing really be the punishment for murder? An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.
Morally, I am against both abortion and the death penalty for the reason that I hold human life to be sacred and beyond our right to destroy. Still, I completely can understand why someone would have any combination of feelings about the two issues since in many ways they are very different. Innocence vs. guilt, fetus vs. developed being, etc.
I guess that makes me an evil misanthrope because I'm pro-life and pro-death penalty *(TO AN EXTENT)*. I think that they should use it only on people who would be a majorly majorly detrimental threat to the populace. I'm sorry but I do not want to live alongside some slimy ass creep who rapes and mutilates little kids repeatedly or something. I also don't want my tax dollars to go into feeding him his 4- 120 some odd years hes locked up. I guess I just have no sympathy. I still think they should use it only on very very rare occasions and circumstances.

as far as abortion goes I would rather not exist than:
1.Be born, then thrown in a dumpster
2.Born then not loved or cared for in foster care born addicted to crack with a condition completely detrimental to my quality of life
So then you aren't pro-life, surely... you're pro-choice.
^ 'Scuse me, i meant Pro-Choice
Yay! Understanding!
Pro-choice for me. The fetus has the potential to do something, but if the mother bearing the fetus just doesn't want to have the child then that's that. You can call it cruelty, but so is eating eggs. I'm pretty sure that's the reason a lot of people don't eat eggs, but I know a ton of people who are pro-life but still eat eggs.

Then we start getting into animal rights... Oh man... how eggs and human fetuses are not the same. There are just so many good points for both sides that I don't think there's a valid answer to this. As for the death penalty, there's a point where someone may deserve to die, and a line right before that where people don't deserve to die. The problem is finding that spot. It's quite paradoxical.

No matter how you look at either of these two issues, there's a right and wrong side to both.
Most commercially bought eggs aren't fertilised, they're the essentially chicken menstruation.
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