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@Gray: Are you saying this isn't you?
I'm not the only furry, as a certain question I asked has proved. There's also at least another one active on the forum but i'm not revealing his/her identity.
What is furry. Seriously. You’re the only furry posting here. What is furry?

The most basic definition is that a furry is someone who draws, enjoys art of, or identifies as an anthropomorphic animal.
I’d like to know that and also why furry art always must be drawn in the style of Japanese anime and shared on boards such as those that go (number)chan.

I don't think anime is the dominant art style of furry art nowadays. I personally see a lot more art in the style of western cartoons or realism, but that may be sampling bias.
The latter part of what I wanted to know has more importance than what style the art is drawn in (though I’m down for us to individually take field samples from websites we know and compare the numbers).
Well, (number)chan sites have less regulation, and still have lots of visitors. Just think reddit but even more uncensored.
I am familiar with more *chans than I like being familiar with. Pick a number. It is exactly why I have trouble with the idea that furry is anything other than a fetish. No more sense in beating around the bush.
Well, it's both, in a sense.
Furries can be a fetish in a sexual sense, as most people know.
Then there are the people who just like furries more than they like humans.
Finally there are the people who only understand how furries work, and think they're furries.
Oh definitely, I didn't mean to imply it wasn't a sex thing for a lot of people (probably the majority).
It's not a sex thing for the majority, its just that the people who see it as a fetish typically are more expressive than themselves.
Really what it means to be a furry varies depending on the furry. Some people use it as a kink and others just do it for fun. Then there's the people that use it to bully and still others who put on fursuits and literally live life as a furry. Personally I say I'm a furry in the since that I find it fun to bring out the animal side of me in a roleplay setting. I don't necessarily live as my fursona but I do find it fun to have one.

I'd like to point out that being a furry isn't the same as being an otherkin (although this is coming from someone who's neither). Furry = "I like this art and maybe pretending to be this animal;" otherkin = "I actually am this animal," e.g. that video.
That terminology sounds like the True Furries trying to distinguish themselves from the Fur Art faction.

Also did anybody already mention this chart?
Fwip said:
Oh definitely, I didn't mean to imply it wasn't a sex thing for a lot of people (probably the majority).
Then why am I wanted to take seriously someone while they talk about being a furry? Not taking seriously isn’t the same as being mean or cruel and when I say “while”, I’m using it literally.
I guess in general, if being a furry is just a casual hobby and not a kink lifestyle, I feel like it shouldn't have any more significance where "identity" is concerned than would something like being an avid reader, being into gardening, or being a chef is concerned.

Sure, your hobby or job is interesting and it may cause you to view certain things in different ways. But you could just as easily do something else if you wanted to. It's not part of identity like gender is, where it's something that's set and not something you can control.

It's not the same as someone who's, say, super into DS stuff and wants to live the life of a sub 24/7 or something. That is definitely a bigger part of identity than just liking furry art and thinking it's fun to have an animal alter-ego.
An identity centered around a fetish doesn’t sound worth taking seriously or normalizing.
An identity centered around a fetish doesn’t sound worth taking seriously or normalizing.

Well, some people identify as furries but don't see it as a fetish.
Furries are more of a subculture, as there are fetishes with furries, but plain furries aren't a fetish.
Then tell me what it is rather than telling me what it isn’t.

No one here has said what furry is. People here have only said what it isn’t and that it’s useful for expressing yourself.

What are they a subculture of? It seems like some people here don’t even agree that it’s a subculture when I pointed it out. A subculture of internet culture? That’s not helpful for your case that it’s not a fetish.
Well, it's a subculture of the internet, as you say. Depending on the person, it can be seen as a fetish, but I say that it's a subculture due to the fact that it's:
1. Extremely diverse. People of all ages, races, and genders.
2. Based on the art, have different likes and dislikes. You can be a furry and not have any fetishes, have some but not others, or just like anything furry in general.
Basically a furry is someone who identifies as a human and animal at the same time. Or someone who roleplays as a humanoid animal. It's really in the eye of the beholder tbh
Wait hold up, let's hold the bus. Identifying as an animal is either poor phrasing (I hope you meant identify with an animal) or something that is definitely worth being controversial.
From what I've seen it's definitely 'as'. For one thing, they wouldn't claim identity if it were 'with' as that would only be affinity or perhaps empathy.
I thought people who identified as animals were otherkin, and furries are just people who really like/roleplay as anthropomorphic animals. Furries seem more relaxed, while that "on all levels except physical, I am a wolf" guy is probably otherkin. Seems there is some overlap, though.
See the devil is in the details, and I feel it's a bit disingenuous/Motte-and-Bailey to say "it's just normal roleplaying why is this an issue? It isn't a sex thing!" When a page later we're discussing the line between the obviously absurd "I am an animal" and the less absurd "I roleplay as one for non-sexual kicks."
I think everyone with a passing familiarity with furries knows that it's at least sometimes a sex thing, but I think the point that alfanewmerik and I were trying to make is that it's not always one.

Also, I missed this from the last page:
Grayseff said:
@Fwip: I mean, in that case is there much of a difference then between a furry and a basicTM white girl with a "spirit animal?"
Sorry white people.
Spirit animal is a new age hippy appropriation of totems. I know you’re making a joke, but that’s bastardizing it even more. How is furry not an obsession with cartoon animals run amok? And what do furries do about being furries? Do they tell other people? Do they talk about their fursonas? Do they desire to let other people know that they are furries?