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dunno if this thread has been made before but wanted to get the general opinion of the people here

also a sort of economics discussion as well, along with a political one

would communism ever actually work? is capitalism exploiting the working class? this is the place to throw your hat (opinion) into the ring!

edit: fair warning i don't actually know how communism works. i don't know how capitalism really works either. but the people in the world seem really excited to debate about this argument so it has to matter to someone, right?

you know what making this thread was an impulsive mistake. oopsie daisy. if everyone could just please ignore that'd be frantastic.
I’ll just sit on the sidelines.
This subject is why I wish I didn't have surgery on the day that we covered the three economic structures in World History
Is capitalism exploiting the working class?
Yes almost by definition yes.

Would communism ever work?
No not as Marx wrote it.

Is communism the great evil responsible for millions of deaths?
No more than Capitalism in the industrial revolution.

Communism has never worked!
Because all non-Stalinist/Maoist-backed regimes were wiped out by CIA backed fascists

Communism will fix everything!
No. Allende, Lumumba et al. probably would have been the Labour Movement equivalent of their own countries, fixing many labour problems without revolutionary change

Why are you so salty and jaded?
I read too much.
Raised by capitalists in a capitalist society, I have a bias toward capitalism over communism, but much of my bias isn't rational. I don't really trust my bias at all. In fact, capitalism rarely if ever works out the way I'm told its supposed to.

Here's an example, in communism you don't get rewarded for working extra hard!

Well, 99% of the time the people shuffled into the workforce in capitalism don't either. HR departments and such talk a big game about rewarding effort, loyalty, etc. but let's face it, humans are treated as machines that are reluctantly hired, given fixed pay with fixed raises, and then told its our fault for being born poor.

I might be in one of the few trades in capitalism that does reward effort and work and its just because I do stone masonry now and don't work for a corporation.

Even so, with private property out of control, bills too high often, the price of food and gas jacked up for no reason... Like I feel like I shouldn't have to work as much as I do.

I work hard, yeah, but I'm getting too old to be "proud" of just working my life away. I don't even believe in a 5 day work week on principle. Just because its better than the horrible conditions of the industrial revolution doesn't mean its not too much.

Capitalism lately in practice is a lot more like plutocracy and aristocracy than any actual American dream. For one guy who invented a better mouse trap or whatever, most of us are just stuck getting jobs to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

I don't know if communism is a solution, in fact I don't know what the solution is. All I know is that the rich are too rich and no one possibly deserves the sheer amounts of wealth that some people have, no one provides enough value to justify that kind of absurd degrees of ownership over parts, land, labour etc. as some of these people at the top have.

I don't know if this is true or not, but I believe that they own the US congress through lobbies and campaign funding etc. so I don't think anything is going to be done about it. I feel the government is a feckless defeated entity that is just another department of various corporations.

I feel like capitalism is just being born surrounded by necessities and resources that necessitate becoming a sort of fancy serf for those with wealth. Maybe that's cynical, but they've even criminalized homelessness in many ways. They really push hard to make sure people become part of a system of serving and producing something for those who are wealthy.

I think the whole thing is rather like some kind of dystopian scam.
The subject of "capitalism vs. communism" is somewhat appalling. Sure, they are both economic systems, but many more exist, as well. I describe myself as a libertarian socialist, but even though that's closer to communism than capitalism (if we go by a single axis, which really isn't a good indicator of belief, but it'll do for this example), I find myself somewhere in the middle of SocDem and AnCom. Yet I am not a Social Democrat nor an Anarcho-Communist.

I mainly believe capitalism is inherently exploitative, and doesn't do enough for the poor or working class. I don't believe it can be reformed (not at this late stage, it might have been possible a century or two ago), and socialism helps develop a more equal society, regardless of race, gender, class, upbringing, or anything else. It will let people create their own wealth, instead of lining the pockets of the 1%.

Unfortunately though, I live in the United States, where the closest viable party we have to communism (a left-wing economic system) is the Democratic Party (center-right to right-wing).
I feel like capitalism is designed to cause inequality.

My understanding of the core of capitalism is as follows:
1) Definition: Capital is any asset that has value. (e.g: factory equipment is capital, cash is capital, stocks are capital. Capital can normally be traded/exchanged for other capital.)
2) Capitalism states that Capital should belong to individuals.
3) Individuals with Capital control its use (e.g: who can use the factory equipment).
4) Individuals should use their control of Capital to make profit, and thereby increase their Capital reserves.

(I dunno why I capitalized 'capital' all those times.)

The idea that wealth should naturally accumulate to those with pre-existing wealth is abhorrent to me. All reforms to capitalism can only be bandaids that redistribute wealth back "downward," fighting the natural tide of the structure of capitalism itself.
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