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Is there a way to report vulgar/hateful messages? I'm a big boy and it doesn't really bother me when someone is just trolling. But I suspect if he's doing it in this message chain, he's probably behaving badly all over the site.
When in doubt, message a mod.
List of mods.
So, the only person capable of arbitrating your personal messages is Blake -- that said -- the best way to get a response from Blake is message a mod, since we can contact him more directly. It's a slow process I'm afraid. The consequence of the privacy of messages.
i messaged Blake and got a response in .009 days
and Grayseff, why do you have -999995799 posts? I didn't know it was possible to have a negative number of posts
I tried to find the logarithm of zero and it diverged
Oh really? I always thought it was a punishment.

I just assumed you were some troublemaker in the Q&A who got caught and now Blake is making you moderate the site until your post count hits zero, at which point you are freed from duty.

At least, that's what I'd do. Having a negative post count counting down (or is it up?) and having it not represent either a limit, an event, or some ominous foreshadowing is a waste of a perfectly good doomsday clock "timer"
If Gray posted once per second, every second, every minute, every day, it would take him 31.69 years to reach zero.
He'd better get cracking, then, chop chop!
gws said:
He'd better get cracking, then, chop chop!

Goddamn it, I was going to post that but I was afraid it could be misinterpreted.

bad jokers great minds think alike
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