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gleefinger.jpgis this a profile picture that would get me in trouble?
I think you're okay, but that would be Blake's final call.
okay, thx :)
No problem.

PS, please spell out your words. Don't use text-speak like "thx", and try to capitalize.
Yeah, Einstein!
I won't stop you, but I'd prefer that you didn't.
I definitely have no say in this, but I kinda think that if you have to ask if it's okay on the basis that it might offend someone, you're probably better off not doing it.
^ Wise words.
Gotta admit, I don't generally do it that way. Some offenses are reasonable.
But they're not normally bad enough that you'd feel the need to ask, are they?
I dunno. People are often fairly vexed by strange things.
M, I think the fear here was more that it was profane, though, than offensive. I've never thought anything you've ever posted was profane.
"pro·fane: Treat (something sacred) with irreverence or disrespect"

Ant has definitely profaned, but that's not against the rules. ;)
I have mellowed of late. Not good.
Not exactly what I meant. :P
I cant believe you guys are actually using this thread. I changed my profile pic like three days ago...
Aww man, I lost the game! I'm feeling so bully right now.
Well while were busy using this thread for things other than the actual topic...
hey, blake! what does your avatar mean?
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