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so whenever we use italics or underline in messages, everything below that point becomes that way, even if it wasn't like that originally.
That seems to be because you're not closing the formatting in the messages with formatting. If you open an underline tag with <u>, you have to close it again with </u>. Same for <i> and <b>

EXAMPLE (Formatting tags shown):

this message will <u>change everything under it
because the tag never closes

this message will not <u>change everything under it</u>
because the tags are closed
well that's the thing. i do close it. it doesn't happen all the time though, it gets more frequent as conversations get longer.
And you're sure you're closing it with the specific </u> (or </i> or </b> or other matching character) tag? With the slash?

That's odd.
I'm positive.
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