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Kylljoy has made a scavenger hunt of sorts. I'm putting this here as a way to document the happenings in the game as well as to discuss ways to solve clues.
The next clue lies at the end of the world, in the hands of a devil.

goddamnit killjoy
I’m fairly sure that means Armageddon.

I was right. It’s a user.
From Caesar Cipher decoding:
Well, well, well. Look who finally managed to discover my alt. I've been hiding this account for, what? Six months now. Armageddon and Kylljoy being the same person, who saw that coming? I'd say good luck, but we both know you probably don't need it. We all have evil clones hiding in the shadows, I suggest you look for the book of disgrace to find your next clue.
“The next key is GABbCDEbFG”
So that's just the G natural minor scale.
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