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given the age of this site, surely running out of questions is impossible? I have friends telling me they've run out of questions but they haven't even answered all of mine yet, is there a reason for this?
Questions stay active for 3 days.
interesting-- mind if i ask the reasoning for having them expire?
There have been over 2 million questions asked. If you want any answers to your questions or want your answers to go to someone who will read them, you have to make questions expire. I'd guess a large percentage of the total questions asked belong to inactive users.
fair point-- having it so questions asked in the past three days are prioritized to be all answered first before moving onto the archive could address the issue, unless the problem is just the trouble with storing the sheer amount of questions
I'm more worried about letting people respond to questions of people who are never coming back and won't see the answer at all. What I could do is create a heuristic that chooses a random user that's been online recently and choose a random inactive question that you haven't answered. It's definitely something that can be done and multiple ways to do it, but regardless, there is quite a bit of work that needs to go into it and I'm being pulled in a few directions at the moment with other projects. There are other underlying mechanisms to the question picker algorithm that have to do with troll/flood mitigation that I have to take into consideration as well (the details of which aren't publicly known) which also adds an extra layer of complexity.
Gotcha-- thanks for the answer!
I got an answer to a question that was like months old. How? I didn’t make it active.
If you asked it publicly, it's pinned to your profile and anyone who looks at you can answer it.
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