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why do some people have titles under their name in grey and how can i get one? for example, Scoggles has the title "friendly neighboorhood scoggles".
I think it was something that was done, like last year. I think I can find the thread.

I got mine when I joined

I didn’t even have to do anything :D
I mean, I guess that makes sense for your account.
Idk man I just ate a bunch of trees and it showed up one day.
Blake had a limited amount of Ikea Översätt title kits when he founded the site. He originally gave them out to a few long-time users like SbF5 and Coldfrost. Then people took notice and started asking for them, and so he gave away titles until he ran out of kits.

The Översätt line of kits is discontinued, and as a result, it is not currently possible to get new titles, unless you are willing to buy used kits off eBay (which are rare) or want to try to get a Knock-Off from China or the Black Market.
ah that makes sense

Has he tried talking to ikea about it?
I wish I had been in this site earlier and I might have gotten a title. I’m jealous.
Well, I have a title now.

"Jealous about titles"

I don't know how to feel.
Lol that funny.

But I thought there were no titles left. I mean... what if I... want a title of "Flesh Eater"?
I don't know.
Thank you, I needed a good laugh in chemistry today.
I used to want a title but I think my name is self explanatory enough that I don't need one; I'm just a girl who's incognito at the end of the day.
If i could get a title that informs people that i am not a pepper, that would be ever so helpful
But you are a pepper!
Frankly my title would be Does Not Exist
got a title, "salt"
Mine is very much exists

Well played Blake
i guess if i am salt i cannot be a pepper...

thanks blake!
Haha, I love how he corrupts the titles.
but it isnt corrupt

it proves my non pepper-ness
Whatever you say.
According to my title I'm only an incognito girl at the end of the day, so not yet. I am still waiting
Mine is "Necrotizing Fasciitis"

Flesh-eating disease
I want title

Pie kill you