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Great suggestion from President aprzn123 (CPEL).

The place for learning about the history of TwoCans and for current TwoCans drama and events/announcements.

Yes, it’s state-owned. No, don’t talk about events unrelated to TwoCans. All the old one can gather and tell us about the early days because I’m sure is newcomers would like to know.

Again, credit goes to aprzn123

TC&S Republic
I think it might be better to call it semi-official so people don't get it confused for something actually run by Blake
Official means government like official which refers to the grand TwoCans Republic. Definitely not the other two countries.
But we don't want to give a false sense of being "truly" official. I think calling it "semi-official" helps clarify that.
If a moderator wants to, just take out the official part out and leave only TwoCans newsletter. I don’t want it to sound weird.
Well? Any drama?
No but we do have a community event
Ooo what is it?
Oh that. Yes, I happen to have joined.
W_Licky said:
TwoCans drama
yeah not sure where drama got involved here.
Updated thread title to the correct terminology
Unofficial is fine. I don’t care for trying to organize this into a neat thread.
We're well aware.
You know the community project I started right? Well we're starting a new one, but this time we'll have a theme
And the fbi now has it's own forum
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