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I used to be fairly active on here, and deleted a bunch of old messages that I'd love to re-read. I'm talking like 7-8 years ago.
It might be a long-shot, but are old messages archived anywhere, and is there any possible way for me to restore them?
Thanks in advance.
I hope so. Unfortunately, too many times is the number of times I have accidentally deleted an inactive message chat that I want.
AFAIK, there exists no queue for deleted messages. I think you should also hope that a website doesn’t keep deleted content for 7-8 years anyway ;-)
Don’t scare me again.
Blake said one copy of every message was created and distributed to each person in a chat thread, so every person gets a unique entry they can individually delete themselves. So it's feasibly possible to restore a deleted message if any other person in the chat thread had not yet deleted the message.

But locating that message even if it wasn't deleted, especially considering anonymity and blocking and such is not really feasible itself. So likely not
Then how do I stop myself from accidentally deleting old message threads I want to keep?

Don't say, "That's your own problem."
Then I shall say nothing at all!
Blake has a great sense of humor
Blake said:
Then I shall say nothing at all!

Oh! But you have said something!
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