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How would a person who gets on the site practically every day participating in every section of this web site become a mod? I listed this in a question but no one has know yet.

I think it would be very nice to have the ability to ban "that guy" who infamously keeps asking if we will have sex with him.
Well, first you need to know how to spell "site" correctly. And a general rule of thumb is if you ask, you will never be one.
:# hahaha understood
From FAQ:
Q: How do I become a mod?

A: I choose mods when the time is right and one is needed. 99% of the time, more mods are not needed. I choose those that are least likely to view the position as an ultra-desirable ring of power. That means if you ask to be a mod, then you are most likely disqualifying yourself from any future consideration.
It also helps to be a C.
A C?
Class C.
I made class system for forum users. Class C is "Modly Intellectuals: Genuinely intelligent, but in a less technical sense. They enjoy logical debates, and have good graces and morals. Often mods, for some reason. See RainingOnYourParade, Hydrogen777, Hobbaloo."
Fancy. And thanks for the compliment. :)
Any time, shorty.
<-- Apparently an anal obscurest.
all the cool people are.
Thank you, Thing (I think)!
May I have the ring of power?

[Mod-Edit: This post has been injected with 50cc of intelligence.]
That's amazing^ Nothing short.
D: My request was edited. Now how will I get the ring of power?
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