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I put this here because it's not necessarily a feature request, more a rule suggestion. How about a rule saying "The Q/A is not to be used to contact a specific user via question and/or to reference a specific user via question unless done in the form of a signature or to reference the asker of the question"

Why do I suggest this? If you've looked in the Q/A recently there are a lot of questions posted in attempt to contact specific users or to talk about specific users, this gets annoying and detracts from full use of the Q/A. Also there's the possibility this will become more of a problem when user blocking in messages is implemented.
Making this a rule would be pointless unless there was a flag for it, and the flaging system doesn't work.
It should still probably be a rule though, in the long run.
True, it is kind of annoying.
How about extending this to the forum to make threads directed to/about specific users against the rules?
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