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Hi. May I take this time to freak out?

This site MUST remain separate from my parents, because I discuss matters that they don't approve of, to name one, religion.

I just got a forward of a notification (of a message) from MY MOM. Why did she get a notification about twocans? I didn't set up the account using her address and I don't know why things would be sent to her. Even worse, there was a link right to the message discussing religion. If she read it I'm screwed.

I'll go to settings and change it right away, but does anyone know how long this might have been happening? Freaking out here...
Message notifications are sent to the email address you registered with.

I do not send email notifications about forum threads. If your parent got an email about that, then it wasn't anything I created. It's probably something like Social Shield.
Okay...except I didn't register with that account. I have a total of four emails - I'd never use her's. I tried to change the email address in settings, and it says that all four have been used on here already. I don't have four accounts. I used to have another, but you got rid of it for me a while ago. So how long has the site been sending out notifications?
What was in the email?

Like the Webmaster said, this sounds more like one of those 'watch every move my child makes on the Internet' programs.
An energetic religious argument. Basically me fighting everything my parents want me to believe.

I didn't know those things existed. So like, what can they do? Do they know my passwords? Can they read my messages?
I'd recommend changing all your passwords on a non-home (school?) computer, and then talking to your parents about it.
Bah! This is sooo wrong and incredibly bad. Badness, so much badness...
My mom did something like that once. I got on her email address and changed her password to "Shitface". Problem was solved.
Yup. Definitely not me. The message notification emails don't even contain a preview of the body of the message. You have to log in to see anything.
For future reference, here's what a Two Cans notification looks like:
Fwip said:

Two Cans and String - New message from: personwhotalkstofwip
The Notification Fairy <> to

Hello, Fwip. You have received a new message on Two Cans and String from the user "personwhotalkstofwip".

You can view it here:

Note: if you wish to stop receiving these emails, you can disable them from your account settings page. This is an unmonitored alias so do not reply to this message. That's right. The Notification Fairy isn't real.

If it looked like that, you're probably signed up with her email address. She wouldn't be able to log in and see the message without entering your password, unless it is saved on her computer.
If did not, it's likely from some sort of snooping software.
Yeah, that was it. I'm going to ask her about it.
Anyway, third time I'll ask, how long have notifications been sent out, or, how long has it been an option? Because if it's been going on for a while I don't know why she would choose now to forward the message.
Since the dawn of TwoCans2.
It may be that she's getting sick of the notifications and can't read what they are, so she wants you to make them stop.
There are checkboxes to do that on the account settings page.
Maybe she meant to send it to somebody else, but sent it to you by accident.
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