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This person keeps on spamming

"Otonashi Ayana"

This on every single active question I have




The first two are emoji spammers, and the second two are “Otonashi Anaya” spammers

😀 spammer
Another account is spamming 😂


not this again


This is a different spammer on every active question
got both emoji spammers (#12844017)
Probably wasn't a good idea to work through the backlog of spam reports all on the same day because now they're all rage ban evading.
Kind of figured that was happening, lol.

Possibly more spam since it's just a copy/paste of my post


This is the second otonashi ayana answer to this question. Either someone is imitating for fun or they made a new account
Sophisticated emoji spam now.

This too.
Ban the emoji guy already.

A THIRD offender on every question
The trolling is getting bad. There are four trolls out there now:
Answers #12844824 #12844450
These are from before
I've beefed up measures on the code side to prevent stuff like this from readily happening. I've also added a way to mass deleted things from rogue users and have cleaned up all the recent spam *that I know of*.

Please check your answers and if there are any other flood-style spam still lingering around, please let me know and I'll go in with the napalm.
Thank you very much, Blake, all of the emoji spams are gone!!!

If you wanted to look into some other users, here's this:
The first is the glob troll that someone else has mentioned before and the second is something that just happened once but didnt make any sense as a respectable answer. There was a question similar to it, too.
#12834553 #12844657
Boom. Nuked from orbit.
Answer #12847685
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