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This person spammed on just one of my questions, but it was an annoyingly large response of :)'s

This on at least many of my active questions so far

Oh and a second to WEEB#1

Like an outrageous amount of smileys

Finally, if you want to murder the Grammar Nazi, this will lead you to them: 12850024
God damn it, another one. Now they're creating a bunch of new threads.

Best ban him quick. They're gonna flood the forums.
user is bullfrog79 he keeps spamming "Blake sucks.." yeah not cool
bullfrog79 is spamming the questions too sobs
is this a bot?
Glad they're gone. Thanks.
To whatever mod did that, we salute you for your labour
No worries, it's all part of the job. :)
For the source of the
I c a n ' t b e s t o p p e d !
pottermore seems to be it.
pottermore is spamming "I c a n ' t b e s t o p p e d ! I c a n ' t b e s t o p p e d ! I c a n ' t b e s t o p p..." in questions and forums
I've pinged one of the mods about it.
yea sure i might be a bit annoying
but that doesnt mean you should tell me to disappear
see you in hell anon
oh and #12866790
Maybe dial the "pogchamp" motif down from an 11 to a 7 or 8. These responses are actually from multiple people.
ah didnt know that alright
There's a question on the Answer with a lot of specialized characters causing the answer page to become unresponsive. It loads better on the new answer page, but it still lagged me out for a minute just so I could skip it.
Thanks for explaining the issue, I've cleared it out.

answering "Shrek" to all my questions
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