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Something doesn't seem right about this user's bio

Anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist, Urban Dictionary if you need to as this one is vague to many

Potentially Homophobic
#13202140 and #13202145
#13202202 The rare transmisandry. Bask in its glory because it doesn't happen often.

Not sure how overt racism needs to be in order to get moderated, but changing what Will Smith actually said to sound more stereotypical and saying you "can't take the hood out of" him should be past the line.

Potential Transphopia
answer #13219583
Answer #13243002 and subsequent messages.

Answer #13263097
Question #2187510, I cant tell if its sarcastic
^ question seems trans-positive to me
Answer #13285773



I can't ask a single question that even vaguely mentions gender without getting several replies like this.
I dont think anyone can
Someone is spamming the Ask section with Andrew Tate posts.

I'm not even gonna bother with the question numbers as there's so many.

#2191669 also.
Yeah, the Andrew Tate posts are annoying. Flagged them all.

Edit: Response #13305784
Just so there's a new post, the guy is spamming my messages now. Saying very bad things.
Are they also commenting on your questions?
Mhm. They seemed to have taken a disliking to me, but I think they got banned.
Woo. Thanks mods.
somebody keeps replying to questions that I've posted with something along the lines of
fuck you
kill yourself
i got a few of those. Finding the answer number if i can :)
Here's a few:
thankyouu <3
Queerphobia: #13311969
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