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Transphobia: #13313927
There's a lot of jokes and stuff about the queen dying. I don't know if any of it is strictly against the rules, but people are spamming the ask with it.
#13338055 transphobia

#13338029 racism
#2196230 -possible transphobia

Use of r-slur
Some answerer keeps being ridiculously lewd on everything and I have reason to believe it's the same guy. Always something about "ooh look at me I'm 6' and hung like a horse".

answer #13355970
I will edit this to include any others i find
answer #13358506
I don't really know the proper place to point this out at but samusaran65 has literally put a slur on his fairy tale.
It does seem that he does sometimes break the site rules
Answer #13370509


Not sure if they are spamming this. If not, then I consider it condescending and queerphobic.
#13371749 Making veiled death threats

#13371626 Queerphobia; apathy towards LGBTQ+ people being murdered shows support of the murders
This person again: #13378500

#697135 Transphobic misgendering and going on a "you've been indoctrinated and you're destroying your body" rant after trying to be reasoned with and told how much it has changed my life for the better.

#697491 Same thing, even after being given a decent amount of scientific studies.
Somewhat rude in response messages, implied they do it a lot.
#2204428 Q/A only. User posting homophobic video and saying "based".
I responded to the person who asked question #2204524 with
"I'm not enby, but there are heaps of non binary and gender non conforming people on this site, and there's no option for them"
and they responded with
"i don't like them and i don't care about them and their presence here"
I got a similar response.

queerphobia in reply to question
did the mods stop crossing the numbers off
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