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The terms of service have been updated, by the way. But it doesn't really matter since I'm sure everyone re-reads it every few days anyway to check for changes.
From Terms of Service:
This is a privately owned site run by people with mild to moderate insanity.

😛 Us? Crazy? Never.
Hmm... I wonder where I fit on the scale? Mild, or moderate? :P
Has anybody noteworthy ever been banned, disabled, et cetera?
I like this part
From terms of service:
Have fun and enjoy your stay!

it ensures that the users are having fun and enjoying their stay.
Has anybody noteworthy ever been banned, disabled, et cetera?

Ralph pls go and a dying student have been banned many times.
I like the new ToS.

If by noteworthy you mean someone who actually participates in and contributes to this community, I can only think of maybe one.
I'd rather not say. My point is that people who actually behave decently tend to stick around and not have problems with the mods.
Nah. People who behave decently mostly fade away - they just don't get removed.
Am I noteworthy? Cause I've been banned. Twice.
Lol, yeah, I was thinking of you. 😛
But we're glad you're back! At least, I am.
I am pretty sure I am on the the moderate end of that range.
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