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I suppose this'd be directed toward Blake since he manages the whole dang thing, but does anyone know how many people have ever been on Two Cans & String at once?
Dem spiders.

I haven't seen more than 20-odd online for a long time.
Those are just bots, but I'm guessing actual users would be a lot lower on the scale.

Oh, 58000 people have registered.
Hey so I recently got a response to a random question I posted quoting a song lyric, and this dude went all bat-shit crazy on me and was ranting about how they were supposedly in the army and going to "hunt me down" or whatever, and went as far as to call me really nasty names and such. I was just wondering if there was any way to report this, because it kind of freaked me out at first before I realized they were just a troll and none of what they said could be true. I know there is a way to report questions, but is there any way to report answers?
Was it the Navy Seal copypasta?

I think the only way to report answers right now is to message Blake, who can manually look into it. Just saw you got an answer already in the other thread. (Also, I forgot about the message URL technique.)
New question though, if you get spam deleted by an admin is the spam still part of your post count?
Nope, it goes back down after the post gets deleted.
Is there anyway to delete an account, or do you just never get on your account again?
From The FAQ:

How do I delete my account?

If you don't want it, then simply stop using it. You can "delete" it yourself by removing the content from your profile, delete your questions, delete your inbox, change your email address to gibberish, then request a new password to be sent to you on the forgotten password page which will go to the gibberish email address. If your account was "truly deleted", it would ruin continuity in any forum threads or messages that are in other users inboxes.
The FAQ says that if one was able to delete an account it'd ruin continuity. The only way to do it is by not using the account. If you wanna get rid of email notifications, then unsubscribe or change the email for that.

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