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I always see people with these restine well made pictures, as if they took them off google images themself. I made mine totally myself, does anyone know how they made them? Is there a button to impost images to pixel form im not aware of? Im trying to figure it out.
I made mine with a nifty little trick someone found. It involved using chromes dev tools and uploading the 32×32 pictures hex code in place of the hex code for the avatar creator while editing it.
I did mine by hand.

There used to be another trick for working from a full image. That's been nerfed for a couple of years, but there may be a handful which were done that way.
Mine used to be a bunch of random colors, almost for a year actually, then I made it say error with the mouse pointer, then I added fire about a week later.

Eh, I may change it if I have another idea, it took me about a month to think of this one.
I made this myself. It took an hour, and I'll have to change it when December's over, but it looks like I wanted it to.
Mine took several hours, I am not looking forward to changing it for January... Probably took too long for the final product
Several hours? ouch.
Mine took about 30 min to create, and 8 min to chistmasize.
I will probably change my whole profile next.
It would be nice if there was a color sampler (maybe right click?) to get colors already in your picture, if you know what I mean.
That's already a feature...
You lie!
Btw how should I customize my pic for MLK day?
Nah. It should be right click (on PC and Linux) to grab the colour of the current pixel.

And I don't know about symbols for MLK Day, so...
I would just change it for the season and major holidays.
That's a pretty good idea
Mine only took a few minutes, since I didn't try too hard on it. But when I made my profile picture, I used the zoom feature, which makes things a bit easier
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