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I've been using this site for years and know it used to have it's on way of measuring time. It seems to be gone now and I can't find what it was or how it was measured. Does anyone know what it was or where I can find it? Also I've been told time is measured differently on Mars with a second being 1.027 of an earth second. Can anyone think of any other time measurements different from what most of us currently use?
I think you're looking for this.

As to the Mars thing, that would work if you wanted to call a Martian day 24 hours, but I can't see that happening. For now NASA etc use regular seconds.
Yeah, it's much easier to use Earth seconds and just tag on forty minutes or so to the end of every day.
Imagine the programming nightmares of nonstandard seconds. You thought timezones were bad.
The moon rotates once per revolution around the earth, which takes about 27 days. So one moon second would be about 27 earth seconds.
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