Terms of Service

We reserve the right to delete any posts or profiles for any reason and without warning.

We reserve the right to disable, ban, or delete any accounts for any reason and without warning.

We reserve the right to ban any IP's or IP ranges for any reason and without warning.

If you get banned, accept it. Do not use a proxy.

If your account gets disabled or deleted, we feel no sympathy for lost messages or content. You should have read the rules and used common sense.

As a general rule, the following will result in banning of accounts or IP's or the deletion of posts or accounts:

- Needlessly offensive content

- Inappropriate content for minors

- Spam

- Racist or bigoted remarks

- Jibberish

- Anything that is considered illegal in the United States

In a nutshell, we like to build communities of general decency and courtesy. So ask yourself: "Is what I'm about to post something I could probably say in front of a child without the mother slapping me?" If not, do not post it. There are plenty of other online forums where you can say stuff like that.

Do not register accounts that are spoofs of other users' accounts. This is extremely annoying for everyone. These accounts will be disabled or deleted.

We are not responsible for any of the user-generated information you may find on this site. Much content is based on user-to-user interaction and therefore cannot be completely filtered to your liking. But we do our best given the available resources. You are using this site at your own risk. If you are easily offended, do not register.

This is a privately owned site run by people with mild to moderate insanity. Freedom of speech does not apply here. If the moderator is slightly annoyed by your content or simply had a bad day, he/she can remove it or ban you and there is nothing you can do. Behaving is the only way to keep them from noticing you.

Asking to be a mod automatically disqualifies you from being a mod. Forever.

Subtly implying that you should be considered for mod-hood automatically disqualifies you from being a mod. Forever.

If your parents register an account on this site to keep an eye on you, the mods will not ban them no matter how nicely you ask. So stop asking.

Thoughts of suicide is a serious topic that is best discussed with friends, family, or professionals who know how to best deal with the matter. As bad as this sounds, strangers on the internet have a bad record of pushing people over the edge. If you are depressed, internet forums and chatrooms full of young children or adults acting like children are not the best place to be. Please seek guidance from someone close or a professional.

The majority of us do not want to hear about your sex life. There are plenty of websites that do. Go to those websites instead.

If you post personally identifiable information, you do so at your own risk. Often, this will be deleted by mods anyway (such as in the Q&A section on TwoCans) since there is a history of problems with people posting other people's phone numbers or addresses.

In general, if you post a link without any sort of explanation, a mod will assume the worst and it will be deleted.

Do not taunt the mods. You won't like what happens after that.

Do not taunt the webmaster. You really won't like what happens after that.

The rules stated here also apply to the related IRC chatrooms.

Have fun and enjoy your stay!