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<3 ちょたの_chotano

I saw a long intro somewhere so that gave me some inspo lol

Hi!! You can call me Oblivion or anything that comes to your mind (if you wanna hear about some of my online nicknames lmk) & I go by they/he/fae/it/crow. I am an agender biroace & I am counting down my days to chop off my breasts lmao.

I am an isfp 285 & I tend to be active in smaller spaces (such as this) & in the dms (they are always open) however I am not the most talkative person irl with newer people that I have not met. I also have been a gifted kid in school for a long ass time & I am just a burned out child.

I do speak English, Russian, some Spanish, am relearning Ukrainian, & I want to learn more Korean (started to learn it, but idk where to relearn/add new things to what ik)

I am 20 & my birthday is Nov 4 2002 (yea I made an acc on my bday gz to me :3)

I am autistic so if you are ableist then scram. My special inetrests include the franchise Neon Genesis Enagellion & the plush lien Beanie Babies.

I am absolutely in love with anime, manga, cartoons, video games, & crocheting. For my anime & manga you can ask for my MAL & I would be more than happy to give it to you.

My current profile pic is Haku & Chihiro from Spirited Away which is one of my fave Studio Ghibli films that I will rewatch in Russian dub any day due to nostalgia.

I am from Illinois however I go to University of Iowa to become a Strings Music Education major there. I do play the violin, forced to learn some piano, & I used to sing soprano in choir before.

I have 4 pets which are 3 ferrets & a dog & I will be more than glad to talk about them.

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