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The Gender Thief
I'm not sure why you're reading this. But if you are, hi there!
I'm Australian. *wow*. Nobody seems to remember that.
Claimed souls: BMJF, iamamamdammam, bxth!na, Pink Hair Girl, M1ser4bLe_M@riOn3tte, your boi, HailJebus, Image (released), asdf.bulbasaur2, amanda0718, rAzz, Glaber, BabyCringe, and M1L022
I also own rAzz's gender >:)
The pioneer of blogging on TCaS, According to hoylecake
I live by that XD
Wool and Squeak, if you ever read this, I love you guys <3
My soul is owned by WEEB #1
Message me, I like talking to people!
Alex <3
"Missing me somewhere, search another. I stop somewhere waiting for you"
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Spill the tea, sis.
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I will be your therapist. You can vent here. I won't mind :D
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Would anyone be interested in doing an art swap with me? Like, a postcard sized drawing that is mailed to me? I'll send you one in return!
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Send me a link to a drawing you did? I'll rate it if you want me to! >>>>>
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Type something in the box for a free hug! >>>
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