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The Gender Thief
SAW MCR 13/3/2023
owner of a haunted laptop
<3 My special interests are My Chemical Romance and Gerard Way <3
I'm not sure why you're reading this. But if you are, hi there!
I'm Australian. *wow*. Nobody seems to remember that.
I use dd/mm/yyyy for the date :)
Member of flatline xx
Claimed souls: arteryfrost,, person-on-pluto (eaten), BMJF, iamamamdammam, bxth!na, Pink Hair Girl, M1ser4bLe_M@riOn3tte, your boi, HailJebus, Image (released), asdf.bulbasaur2, amanda0718, rAzz, Glaber, BabyCringe, frenchclub, Chillingcape, TheTaran, Millionare103, SheldonGoode, ThomasBag, EdwardWrarm, luv4you and M1L022, as well as 50% of cjaysk8ss
I also own MintyTea, ackyackyattack and rAzz's gender >:)
Soul Count: 25 1/2
Gender Count: 3
The pioneer of blogging on TCaS, According to theki/hoylecake (which I live by!)
My soul is owned by KyoMiyake
Message me, I like talking to people!
Alex <3

my band is cooler than yours
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