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Hi, I don't know why you're here, but I guess you probably want to see my bio.
I am anonymous by the way, so you really don't know my username

Go to my thread please and post on Letter Race, Longer Race, [Superintendent death mystery: please, don't it's over] Double Counting, and some more I might add in the future.

My memory of Pi: 3.14159265358979....(either 323 or 232)

Souls Claimed:
BroncoBoy18 has claimed my soul

3/15/21 - Registered account on TCaS
3/25/21 - Youtube Channel created! (so far 38 subscribers)
3/29/21 - Joined Discord!
4/4/21 - Twitch account activated!

YT: 72.5k (R2X Mapping -
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